Summary of the first day of Google I/O 2022 conference with highlights for Android developers

Today was an eventful day for Google I/O 2022 Tons of information and developments. To help you sift through it all, We group the most important announcements and news of the day into major topic categoriessuch as Android development, the Better Together initiative, and the latest from Android 13, Google Play, and the new Google Wallet.


Better together

  • Pixel tablet: Yes, you read that correctly. Google has shown that everything works great on Android tablets, as evidenced by the launch of Android 12L and continued improvements with Android 13. Google has now announced the Pixel tablet, coming next year, which will include amazing new hardware and an updated operating system. This is the best time for developers to review and prepare their apps for larger screens and Android 13.
  • Wear OS: Jetpack Compose for Wear OS is now in betaSo developers can now create beautiful-looking Wear OS apps with fewer lines of code required. Additionally, health services are now in beta, providing plenty of innovation for the health and fitness developer community.
  • pixel clock: Google has announced the long-awaited and leaked Google Pixel Watch launch, which will bring together the best of Fitbit and Wear OS. The clock is expected to drop next fall.
  • Health Connect: Google is partnering with Samsung to create a new platform called Health Connect. This will bring Communication between applications So they can share user health and fitness data across devices. The API for Android is unlocked today with a beta version available on Google Play.
  • Android for cars and Android TV OS: As producers continue to grow and more users drive the connection or synthesis, Google is introducing new features to make it easier for developers to continue building apps for cars and TVs.
  • Using Voice Across Devices: google Extend developer access to Android Cars and Wear OS APIs Enables users to access apps via voice across devices using Google Assistant.

Android 13, Google Play and more

  • Android 13: Android 13 Beta 2 is available todayso that developers can start preparing their apps for the latest features, such as new notification permission, photo picker, and improved permissions for pairing with nearby devices and accessing media files.
  • New API for Google Wallet: The Google Waller API is optimized to support gene passes and grouping and mixing cards together, such as when you want to bundle an event card with a voucher or voucher to use in the same event.
  • privacy protectionThe Privacy Sandbox for Android was announced at the beginning of the year. The first developer preview has been released so developers can get an early look and assess how new technologies are being adopted.
  • google appsPlay will include the ability to deep link and create up to 50 custom lists, as well as allowing more developers to submit content to be shown in the Play Store and more flexibility in selling subscriptions.
  • Google Play SDK Index: Developers will be able to assess whether the SDK is suitable for their application using this new public portal that lists over 100 most used commercial SDKs and related information.

Android development

  • Jetpack Compose Beta 1.2 launched With support for more advanced use cases such as downloadable fonts and more tool support.
  • Android Studio Dolphin Beta and Electric Eel Canary: Dolphin beta includes new features and improvements for Jetpack Compose and Wear OS development. Electric Eel includes integrations with the new Google Play SDK Index and Firebase Crashlytics, as well as introducing a new Live Edit feature to instantly publish code changes.
  • Baseline profiles have been introduced to allow applications to run faster right after installation Thus, improving user retention and providing a better end user experience.

Day 2 of I/O continues tomorrow with over 26 talks and 4 workshops planned to include the full Android technical path at Google I/O. You can check out the full program at or keep an eye on this site for our full coverage.

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