Rocktree, Godavari, among the Hindi films to be shown at the Cannes Film Festival

Today, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting released a set of films that will be shown at the Cannes Film Festival.

The lineup includes the world premiere of Shri R Madhavan Starrer Rocketry, also directed by Shri Madhavan.

While Rocketry- The Nambi Effect will premiere at Palais K, the other films will be shown at Olympia Theatre. Films to be shown at 75y Film Festival Edition as follows:

1. Missile – Nambe Effect

Director: Shri R Madhavan

Producer: Shri R Madhavan

language: Hindi, English and Tamil


Rocketry – The Nambi Effect is a retelling of the life story of Shri Nambi Narayanan as it unfolds in an interview with the famous and Badshah of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan, on a TV show. Like many great minds, Nambi is also deeply flawed, his genius and obsession earning him enemies and detractors, making him a compelling modern hero.

In addition to being a treatise in defense of quiet achievements in society, the film also challenges the audience to take responsibility for recognizing and celebrating special contributors, whether it be Nambi Narayanan, a teacher educating poor children, soldiers at the frontier, doctors serving in remote villages, or volunteers They help the needy. It also raises a powerful question – why don’t we stand up collectively to defend our innocent and weak against the domination of existing powers? For every Nambe, there are thousands of silent achievers fighting for justice.

These stories must be heard. It starts with Nambi, but it’s just the beginning.

2. Godavari

Director: Shri Nikhil Mahajan

Producer: Blue Drop Films Pvt. Ltd.

language: Marathi


It’s the story of NISHIKANT DESHMUKH – who lives on the banks of a river, in an old mansion with his family. Through the generations, NISHI and his family have been rental collectors. They have a lot of property around the old part of town. While his grandfather Narupant suffers from dementia, his father Nielkinth chooses to forget.

At the end of his dynasty, Nishikant is frustrated with his life. He hated the ways of the old town, hated the insignificance of his life, hated that he was impotent – but like most Indian men, he chose to internalize his hatred and blame only factors such as tenants and the city that existed. Accidental, if not completely flawless. Nishikant collects rent and plays video games in his small apartment away from the river. He has moved out of his family mansion, leaving his wife and daughter to live with his parents. He spends his time getting angry at the river and all that he brings with him. He knows it’s a lost cause.

However, life and death have always coincided, seamlessly merging into each other, and this merging is most evident in the city where the death of one person is a way of life for many.

3. Alpha Beta Gamma

Director: Shri Shankar Srikumar

Producer: Choti . movie production

language: Indian


Jay’s directing career is on the rise, though his married life is on the rocks and he’s trying to move forward with his girlfriend Kaira. Mitali, his wife, wants a divorce so she can marry her boyfriend, Engineer Ravi, who is attentive and attentive, in exchange for her unpredictable ex-husband soon.

When Jay comes in to talk about the divorce, Ravi is in the apartment, the apartment that was once Jay and Mitali’s home. Ravi realizes that it will be embarrassing for the estranged couple to discuss divorce in front of him, he decides to leave.

But before one of the men can make way for the other in Mitali’s life, the coronavirus lockdown intervenes.

Now three souls infected with the love virus are struggling to decide what they want, at what cost, and they have nowhere to go except inside.

4. Bomba Ride

Director: Shri Biswajit Pura

Producer: Quatremon Productions

Lanojag: Hunting


From GOD ON THE BALCONY, Biswajeet Bora, BOOMBA RIDE is a scathing comedic satire of corruption in India’s rural education system – and an 8-year-old (newcomer Indrajeet Biju, in a great performance) knows how to set the game for himself. Inspired by a true story, the movie was shot in Assam on the banks of the Brahmaputra River with a mostly unprofessional cast.

The story revolves around a poor school where there is only one (unwilling) pupil, Pumbaa. Desperate to keep their jobs and finances, the teachers end up bribing the unemotional and hilariously uncooperative boy to come to class – while Pumbaa’s secret wish is to attend the better-financed school in town where she encounters an older, very beautiful girl. be a student.

“BOOMBA RIDE is a movie that is very close to my heart. I was born and raised in rural Assam. I have seen similar kinds of stories there as there are no proper facilities for government run public schools,” Principal Biswajit Pura said. “I believe that only by raising awareness and taking responsibility for educating the poor and disadvantaged classes can we make a change in a broader way. Making the film was not easy because I shot it with non-actors and there were also language barriers between us. However, I consider it one of my best experiences so far. Because the people around the village were very real and innocent, which really touched my heart. The village location was as authentic as it looked and most interesting that we filmed in real locations with the locals. The protagonist Pumbaa is equally innocent and it’s hard to believe he hasn’t seen a theater hall in his life. I think people will relate to this comic-lined story, which is nothing but an accurate representation of a real world that actually exists in today’s world.”

5. Douwen

Director: Shri Akhal Mishra

Producer: Akhalchitra

language: Hindi, Marathi


Pankaj is an aspiring actor who makes a living by doing street plays for the local municipality. He dreams of making it big, and with his friend Prashant, they save enough to move to Mumbai in a month. Back in his home, his family was under financial stress after the lockdown, and his now retired father is looking for a job.

He wanders around town during the day, meets his peers in the theater, run by the old, and gives life advice to his young ones. After an encounter with a Mumbai-based filmmaker unexpectedly ends, he changes his mind, deciding to give up his savings for his father’s job.

Returning home one evening, he was asked to accompany his father to get a job in a nearby town in two days. The trip and work will cost money, and the family must arrange for this until then. When Pankaj was asked to arrange a bike for the trip, he refused, escaping his responsibilities.

6. A tree full of parrots

Director: Shri Jayaraj

Producer: Navanet Movies

language: malayalam


Eight-year-old Bongan is no ordinary boy. He earns a living doing small jobs like backwater fishing and takes care of his family consisting of a drunk father, grandfather and great grandfather. His mother ran away with someone else years ago.

One day while fishing, Bungan saw a blind man sitting alone in the boatyard and he seemed to have lost his way home. He is crazy, and he only remembers a certain tree full of parrots in front of his house. Attempting to report this man to the police was futile.

On the way across the banks of the river he inquired, but no one could guide them. Disappointed with the outcome of their journey, Poonjan was about to give up the quest. Then he heard the voice of a parrot that led him to the “tree full of parrots”!

Finally, Bungan decides to find his way back to the blind man’s house by trying to discover the tree full of parrots.

Although the blind’s son and daughter-in-law were greeted warmly, something was fishy. Bungan’s suspicions were confirmed when he overheard their conversation. While selling their current home and moving to a new one, they hoped to get rid of the blind. From the conversation it became clear that they consider the blind a burden to be discarded.

As he left Poonjan he bid farewell to the blind man and boarded the boat. However, knowing what he knows about the blind’s fate, Bungan’s conscience refuses to leave him alone. Unbeknownst to anyone, he decided to invite the blind man on the return trip. Bungan, accompanied by the blind man, escorts the boat on the horizon.

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