Microsoft soon launches accessibility features for Windows 11 and a range of accessories for the digital world of information / people with disabilities

Microsoft recently highlighted a bunch of soon-to-be-launched accessibility features for Windows 11, along with a line of extensions for the disabled community.

The announcement came in line with the company’s initiative to push for simple features that would turn Windows 11 into a more user-friendly platform for everyone.

The company has already started testing features with insiders. As far as what users can expect, well, there’s a focus mode, tools for live annotation, voice access control, and more.

The focus function comes in the notification center and can be activated with just one click. Once enabled, users can take advantage of minimal distractions and can even hide their notifications.

As far as the Live Captions functionality is concerned, it is the same functionality that appears on Android and acts as subtitles. Above all, it can be customized and displayed anywhere.

Voice Access In Windows 11, this feature is much more powerful than the usual speech recognition that only uses voice. With simple words, you can now communicate with Windows.

Another interesting feature to grab is Windows Narrator, which uses natural sounds created within Windows. So now you can say goodbye to the complex, hard-to-understand sounds that make understanding so difficult.

But another point worth noting is the Inclusive Tech Lab which was created to help develop future products and accessories that could be made available to the masses such as additions to Edge and enhanced game development.

Microsoft also talked about its plans to reveal more PC accessories with a new group for the disabled community.

The innovative range of accessories was first talked about at the company’s capability pinnacle which is said to have wowed the masses, considering the fact that it is very flexible in terms of use and even designed with various customizations in mind. In this way, they are great at meeting everyone’s needs.

Microsoft has put an exciting new collection under its line of hardware products with the label: Adaptive Accessories. It consists of an adaptive mouse, buttons, and hub – all highly configurable. This means that they can be used to support various functions such as add-ons arising from Mouse Tail and Thumb Support. Additionally, you can find 3D custom add-ons that add a special touch to different situations.

The company highlighted how it was able to create the new accessories by taking inspiration from the Adaptive console that is part of the success of Xbox.

Microsoft says the new range of products for the disabled will really help those who find it difficult to use the classic mouse and keyboard. Moreover, the new features can also help eliminate areas of pressure or pain that some may feel while doing their work on a routine basis.

Even better, disabled users can link their buttons to the hub for support for four different connected buttons at the same time. This includes convenient switching between modified devices and their settings.

Each button is unique in terms of functionality and comes bundled with options like joysticks, 3D designs, and a D-pad as well. The mouse is also very innovative in terms of design with three different parts attached.

As far as the launch date is concerned, Microsoft is hoping to roll it out by this fall but there’s no indication of any pricing strategy yet.

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