Heartstopper: 7 LGBT+ Movies & Series to Watch After Finishing the Successful Netflix Series

DrIt is called a useful alternative to tranceThe next weird Netflix series Heartstuber It has captured the hearts of viewers since its release last month.

It’s no surprise that they’re already asking for a second season.

Like a proper PG Call me by your name Crossed with Netflix sex educationAlice Osman’s graphic novel follows the unexpected budding romance between two British schoolboys: nerd Charlie Spring (Joe Locke) and famed rugby star Nick Nelson (Kate Connor).

The eight-episode series has been praised for its warm portrayal of unwavering friendship, passion and young LGBT+ people, as well as meaningful conversations about getting out and mental health.

Viewers hailed the reaction of Nick’s mother, played by Olivia Colman (who fans can’t get over), to her son’s exit for being a great example of the serious and supportive reaction a parent can have in such a conversation.

While Nick, a sports fanatic, is still discovering his sexual orientation, Heartstuber Don’t revolve around this novel but visualize getting out as a way to share your sexuality on your own terms.

Many of the shows that came before focused on the trauma of the queer experience, but Heartstuber She found the perfect balance between romance and adversity – and helped gay young men feel comfortable with who they are.

‘Heartstopper’ came out on Netflix last month


If you can’t wait for the highly anticipated second season to get your next fix, though, there are plenty of exciting movies and series on Netflix that should fill you up. Heartstuber Empty.

Young royal family

Netflix Young royal family It is a high school gay drama that travels between schoolboy Prince Wilhelm of Sweden (Edvin Riding) and the first same-sex romance. Compared to Nafi Heartstuber, TV drama Lisa Ambjörn features more drugs and alcohol in portraying the tolerant lifestyle of the prestigious Swedish boarding school where the series is set. When Wilhelm is sent to school to save his reputation, he meets his attractive classmate Simon (Omar Rodberg) and their relationship blossoms.

half of it

Another high school romance blossoms in Alice Wu’s Netflix teen rom-com. at half of itthe bizarre book heroine in the movie Ellie Chou (Lea Lewis) – as brilliantly as clever HeartstuberCharlie Spring faces her true feelings when she is assigned to write love letters on behalf of high school jock, Paul Monsky (Daniel Demer). Aster (Alexxis Lemire), soon becomes Ellie’s crush too.

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While the sweet longing Heartstuber Not present in the series, it is similarly a tale of high school self-acceptance and romance.

Leah Lewis and Alexis Lemer in The Half of It

(Netflix/KC Bailey)

Ann +

The Dutch series revolves around 20 authors, Anne (Hanna van Vliet) who is set to pack her life in Amsterdam and moves to Montreal to be with her long-term friend Sarah (Jomann Fattal), who she would like to be. polygamous.

Still figuring out what she wants, Anne meets non-duo drag artist Lou (Thorn de Vrie) who lets her into their world, and changes her perspective on love, life, and sex, all while Anne is on a mission to finish writing her book. Target an audience older than Heartstuber – That’s less than romance PG – Self-discovery and sexuality are two intersecting themes.

It is almost identical to the creation of heart , Netflix handsome devil Focuses on the friendship between a famous rugby player and his quiet roommate at boarding school. Set in a prestigious Irish school, John Butler is an exploration of an unexpected friendship and supportive alliance.

Andrew Scott plays Dan, an inspiring but aggressive English teacher who urges the boys to be themselves as he coaches them through the difficult stages of adolescence. Another moment of coming of age for schoolchildren who swing their way through adolescence.

Alex Strangelove

High school class president Alex Trulov (Daniel Doheny) is in love with his girlfriend. He’s ready to cut the deal and lose his virginity until he develops a relationship with Elliot (Antonia Marziale), a charming, gay friend from the other side of town.

Elliot unwittingly takes Alex on a stormy journey of sexual discovery, adventure, and love. Alex’s confusion about his sexuality seems to follow him everywhere, even the slogans on his cereal boxes begin to flag his dilemma (his “crunchy buns” turned into “freaky chips”). The big question about his sexuality haunts him throughout the series.

‘Alex Strangelove’ debuted on Netflix in 2018

(Walter Thompson/Netflix)

I’m not okay with this

Having lost her father, 17-year-old Sidney Novak (Sofia Lillis) attempts to remake her world, overcoming loss and adolescence in this anxious, oil-prone age series. Based on Charles Forsman’s graphic novel, I’m not okay with this It is Jonathan Entwistle’s second TV show – it was the first End of the F***ing . world And their cooperation again produces a messy, adaptable, and healing look at adolescence.

As Sydney deals with her sexuality and telekinesis-like powers that she may have inherited from her father (not to mention the pimples on her thighs), sexuality refuses to be put on a pedestal. Instead, it is portrayed as just one of the inevitable parts of adolescence.

secret love

Away from the high school halls secret love is a Netflix documentary that follows a former baseball player who has kept her same-sex relationship a secret from her family for seven decades.

The dramatic reversal is an insightful, complex but sweet and bitter look into the relationship between Terry Donahue and Pat Henschel, as the pair move into a nursing home, becoming the first same-sex couple in residence. This educational documentary tells a story of courage, secrecy and difference in changing times.

Season 1 of “Heartstopper” is now available to stream on Netflix.

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