Apple’s Vice President of Environment, Lisa Jackson, wants to save the world by 2030 — here’s how to help

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Lisa Jacksonn has a great job. As Apple’s vice president of environment, policy, and social issues, her role is rooted in making the world a better place — and she has some big goals in mind. In addition to making Apple completely carbon neutral by 2030, Lisa also runs the Equity and Racial Justice Initiative to Improve Lives – And create great opportunities in the Apple Community Education Program. But is all of this too much for one person?

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Lisa laughs: “We have a really great team.” “We actually keep a very small team because we really believe a lot of the work has to be the work of people across Apple, so when we work on environmental improvements like in our hardware, We just announced last Earth Day that up to twenty percent of the content is recycled in our devices. It didn’t happen because of my team, it happened because of the product engineering in the teams and the materials teams, we work closely with them to help them push the boundaries of what is possible.

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“So I always tell people, it’s an honor to lead it but there are people across Apple who are motivated and inspired by their work.”

As one of the largest companies in the world, Apple leaders are well aware of the importance of their contribution to the vital protection of the planet.

“We are already carbon neutral and I think this is a huge achievement for a company that touches both hardware and software data centers,” explains Lisa. “But now that is the 2030 goal. We have challenged ourselves and the company to come up with the strictest goal of making the supply chain and our products 100% carbon neutral which is 2030 – When we first came up with the number, we were like, “We’re crazy!” But there is a history of madness at Apple!

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“The other thing we challenge ourselves about is the kind of innovation that people expect in our products that we want them to see in our work environment. So the 2030 goal depends on a lot of the innovations we’re driving inside and outside the company. So it feels very real to us as a company.”

Lisa admits that the climate crisis is a personal concern for her – but that should spur people to action. “Anxiety can do one of two things, right?” She asks. “It can paralyze you or it can motivate you to act and in this case drive. It’s Apple’s employee pride that we take our innovations and apply them to potentially the biggest crisis facing the planet as a whole.

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It motivates everyone like, ‘I have to do something’ and Because of the nature of Apple, we make tools to help people do what they want to do. So we also understand that you have to work at the community level almost one-on-one. “

She continued, “The number one thing anyone can do is be a part of the recycling economy. It’s a huge part of our products, the entire trade program, the idea of ​​using recycled materials and taking back our products so we can get those materials back into the circular economy.”

Lisa Jackson Vice President

You can recycle any Apple device in-store, which is the best way to dispose of your device as vital items from devices can be recycled. Lisa explained, “There are recycling options. First, it’s part of the normal part of choosing your next device so you can trade in or bring in your device.” The cool thing about it is that if you have access and you can do it in person, we can make sure it’s erased, and that your data is no longer on it from a privacy and security standpoint. This has always been a big priority for us.

“But if you can’t instruct you to make sure you do it yourself and you can mail it back to Apple. In Europe you have access to some recycling programs, so there are a bunch of options, but we’d rather come back to us because all generations of iPhone, I think we can use what Up to 23 different models [our systems] Until we can find a way to recover that material.”

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