Apple iOS 15.5 Code Leaks New Upgrades for iPad and iPhone

04/19 update below. This post was originally published on April 16th

Leakers revealed many of the best features of the iPhone 14 lineup as well as some concerns. But having already let an eye-catching update come out, a new critical Apple bug has leaked more upgrades that will benefit millions of iPhone and iPad users.

The fatal error was spotted by 9to5Mac while researching the source code of Apple’s new iOS 15.5 beta release. Despite being the latest publicly available iPhone software, the Apple code refers to the improved focus and news functionality of a “device with newer software” as well as hinting at exclusive upgrades “no longer fully supported on older devices”.

Update 04/18: In a nugget that many missed, Bloomberg’s Mark Gorman was let it slide That Apple is planning to integrate satellite connectivity into the iPhone with the possibility of its arrival in time for the iPhone 14 lineup this year. The information is buried in the last paragraph of a report focused on the Apple Watch:

The company is also working on eventually bringing satellite connectivity to the Apple Watch, paving the way for emergency texting and SOS response features. It plans to launch these capabilities on the iPhone early this year. The technology will allow users to text emergency personnel via Satellite networks and incident reporting.

If this news gives you deja vu feelings, you’re not alone. In August last year, Gorman and esteemed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Both are mentioned That satellite connectivity was being planned for the iPhone 13. While this feature never arrived, the duo were convinced that it stayed in Apple’s long-term plans. So this leak makes perfect sense.

It’s also a totally logical feature. In terms of security, the knowledge that you will never be cut off from emergency assistance, no matter where you are located is an important selling point. It’s also a strong differentiating factor because no mainstream Android competitor currently has this functionality. However, if Apple succeeds in bringing satellite connectivity to the iPhone 14 lineup, expect competitors to quickly copy that move.

Update 04/19: Additional iPhone 14 details have now leaked thanks to well-known anonymous insiders Leaking And if the news is true, it will delight many users. And according to the leaker’s latest post, “Apple engineers are working on 3.0 speeds for the iPhone 14 Pro connector.”

Why such a big deal? Since the Lightning connector was introduced nearly a decade ago, in 2012, Apple has stuck to slow USB 2.0 speeds (480Mbps – Mbps). In 2022, you can get faster internet connections than that. In contrast, USB 3.0 can reach speeds of close to 4800Mbps – a 10-fold increase.

Why is this necessary? There are two obvious usage scenarios: The first is ProRes Video, which produces high-quality and highly manipulable content but at the cost of huge file sizes. Whether via WiFi or the Lightning port, exporting these videos can take hours. The second is backups. While nighttime backups are common, there is currently no easy way to quickly back up your iPhone.

But the bad news is that this feature may not come on all iPhone 14 models:

“As far as I know, Apple plans to implement this feature on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max,” said LeaksApplePro. “After a few conversations with people familiar with the matter, I can’t confirm whether or not this feature will be available on iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, and while that would make sense, I don’t want to give you hopeful error.”

This seems logical. More than ever, Apple is determined to differentiate iPhone Pro models from other models, and this year, ProRes’ USB 3.0 core value positions it squarely as a “professional” feature. See this space.

In 9to5Mac notes, the code threads highlight not only Apple’s upcoming plans (and a Focus Mode fix, in particular, would be huge for an increasingly dispersed community) but also a slew of product cuts with the company set to phase out another generation of iPhones and iPads. the oldest. iOS 15 / iPadOS 15 currently supports iPhone 6S (2015) and later and iPad Mini 4 (2015) and later, so owners of these devices may have to upgrade this year.

Furthermore, the Apple code is linked to leaks from respected Bloomberg Apple writer Mark Gurman who claims there will be a “fairly significant improvement.” [of iOS/iPadOS] Across the board” including a long-awaited overhaul of notifications. As with Apple’s tradition, you can also expect many of these features to be exclusive to the new iPhone 14 range – again something hinted at in the new code references.

I don’t expect the links to end here. Apple has consistently revealed its own plans by including future-looking source code in iOS versions and with the first beta version of iOS 16 likely to arrive in June, expect the gates to open.

And they may need to. The current narrative ties the iPhone 14 range as somewhat outdated with leaks revealing that the standard model will be nearly identical to the iPhone 13 (even in performance), while the Pro models have a new divisive punch-hole display and higher prices.

Yes, the massive new cameras in the range will turn heads, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple “accidentally” leaking additional iPhone 14 features in iOS 16 beta code to heighten the excitement.


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