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The Windows registry is a database full of instructions that software applications installed on your computer rely on to perform their functions. If the history is filled with invalid entries, it can negatively affect the speed and performance of your applications. Hence, it is imperative that you have a registry cleaner installed on your device. Wise Registry Cleaner is one such tool.

Wise Registry Cleaner is developed by WiseCleaner (Lespeed Technology Ltd), a software company with offices in the United States and China. WiseCleaner sells a wide range of security and system optimization software products, and Wise Registry Cleaner is one of their most popular products.

We review Wise Registry Cleaner to help you decide if it’s an appropriate tool to use. Our review is based on specific criteria, including pricing, features, customer support, compatibility, etc.

(Image credit: WiseCleaner)

Plans and Pricing

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