Soap bubbles float among the crowd on Saturday, May 5, during the Waking Windows Festival in Winooski.

Winooski’s Waking Windows Festival returns: must-see shows

You are back, my love!

The Waking Windows Festival is the first big musical event every spring in northern Vermont—or at least it was until 2020, when the party that dominated Winwinsky for three days became one of the first dominos to fall in a devastating year for public gatherings.

This year’s event – still under the shadow of COVID-19 but ready to move forward in relative safety this weekend – is the first to be held in three years.

This is exciting news for local music fans who want to meet friends and bands they haven’t seen for a long time. But the stressful part of a glorious celebration like Waking Windows and the 100+ artists it presents stems from one simple question? Who should I see? Or perhaps more specifically, who should I see?

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