Why does the price of bitcoin matter

“Bear markets are the best time to stay alive and in the sector. It’s frustrating for those who don’t know what to do, great for those with a long-term view.” Simon Dixon

The difference between bitcoin and everything else is that the price of bitcoin doesn’t matter. In the long run, the price of bitcoin has gone up, yes, but what really matters is the presentation of the value of bitcoin as really hard, unconquerable and decentralized money. Not the noise of the prices and not the pump. This is why traders and speculators have lost interest in Bitcoin, and continue to flock to the latest Decentralized Funding (DeFi) or Non-Foldable Token (NFT) project. The loss of interest by speculators is seen by many as a negative development for Bitcoin, but it is actually a very positive development. What we see now represented by the decline in the price of Bitcoin is its actual functional benefit value and the absence of retail speculative capital that was present before. This article will describe why this is a good thing.

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