Today’s movies lack the quality of the 1940’s, ’50’s and ’60s

Robert J. Booker

  • Robert J. Booker is a freelance writer and former executive director of the Beck Center for Cultural Exchange.

Until a few years ago, I was a prominent moviegoer. I went to see a movie at least twice a week.

Then I found myself watching movies for 10 or 20 minutes only to get up and leave the stage.

My interest has seriously fallen from those old days when my grandmother took me to see “Frankenstein”, “Wolf Man” and “Dracula” when I was eight years old. Watching them and “The Mummy” was not a pleasant experience, but I survived.

Later, my mother took me to see the films she loved, including the 1945 film “Leave Her to Heaven” with Jane Tierney and Cornell Wild, and “Sister Kenny” starring Rosalind Russell and Alexander Knox.

Sister Kenny was a pioneering nurse in treating polio. Watching these guys in “iron lungs” wasn’t fun either.

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