High School Girls’ Golf: Timpview’s Sunbin Seo repeats as 5A medalist

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There’s just something about the excitement of the chase that makes Timpview’s Sunbin Seo blaze on the golf course.

A year after overturning the deficit in the last nine holes to win a 5A medal, BYU committed it again on Tuesday at River Oaks Golf Course in Sandy to repeat the role of the 5A singles champion.

“The excitement I get from catching up is really fun for me,” Seo said.

Lehi’s Pati Uluave trailed by three strokes with only seven holes remaining in the 5A State Championship, Seo went to jumper, eagle, and jumper over the next three holes to snatch a one-hit lead. Then she cut the last 3 holes to score a total of 137 in 3 days less than 2 days.

Despite cutting the last four holes, Seo remained aggressive and narrowly missed several other birds by a few inches. This included rolling an 8-foot jumper after the hole in No. 18 after a perfect level 3 shot from 140 yards.

“I wasn’t thinking about putting in two players, my mentality was I’m making this, and that’s how I played the full nine-backs,” Seo said.

Seo’s superb outing was the catalyst for another dominant day on the track for the Tempview girls’ team that easily won 619 for two days. Alta ranked second with a score of 698, followed by Olympus in third place with a score of 724.

Tempeview sisters Emma and Rachel Lilliwhite finished third at 150, while Tempeview golfer Kelani Hanamaikai finished 20th.y with 182.

“We showed up yesterday and played really well across the board and I was really proud of my girls the way they came out and scored a good result yesterday. It was fun today watching my girls come out and play,” Tempview coach Jeff Ward said.

Lehi Olofie prevented Tempeview a sweep atop the leaderboard as she finished second with a 2-under-138 lead. Olofi made a three-shot lead heading into the final after a scintillating 64 on Monday. Although she played from an unusual position up front, she was happy to score 74 on Tuesday, the third lowest score of the day.

“It was my first time in the lead. It was a good experience and I played the best I could,” said Olaf, who had one bird on Tuesday after a great day of eight on Monday.

He would likely have had a five-shot lead after day one, but Siew topped No. 17 and 18 to come within three strokes heading into Final 18.

Because of the way the pairs were created, Olaf skipped seven sets before Seo. She eventually helped Seo figure out exactly what she needed when Olaf finished her tour.

As Seo approaches the 12th hole of a par-3, her brother tells her Olaf was at the club at 2-under.

“Three down is great but at the same time I think I can do it,” she said.

However, until that point, it wasn’t doing that with a 4-over on the front nine that included a double bogey on the fourth.

Despite those early difficulties, Seo thought she only needed to roll in one go to make her go off for a nine backward push. Ironically, it was her wedge that helped her move forward. It chilled for a birdie on No. 12 off the left of the green and then blew for an eagle behind the hole on the thirteenth. Then I rolled in another birdie on the fourteenth, and in this way it was a 3-shot deficit of a single bullet.

Seo said she missed a lot of the greens yesterday and as a result she felt really good with her wedge around the green on Tuesday.

“That was my goal to win again and I’m glad I was able to make it happen. It was a fun event too, so I was just having fun,” Seo said.

A year ago at Spain’s Oaks Golf Course, Siu smashed four of her last six holes to pass teammate Rachel Lilliwhite for the singles win. That mental toughness should pay off during the next chapter of her golf career at BYU.

Category 5A State Championship

At River Oaks Golf Course

Team scores

1. Tempview, 619.

2. Alta, 698.

3. Olympus, 724.

4. Skyline, 732.

5. Lehi, 776.

6. Park City, 787.

7. Wasatch, 793.

8. Khair, 800.

9- Jordan, 809.

10. Stansbury, 817.

individual results

  • 137- Sunbeen Seo Tempeview.
  • 138- Patty Olaf, Lehi.
  • 150- Emma Lilliwhite, Tempview.
  • 150- Rachel Lilliwhite, Tempeview.
  • 152- Ashley Lam Afaq.
  • 160- Catelyn Bingham of Spanish Fork.
  • 165- Brooke Anderson, Lehi.
  • 169- Danny Gibson, Alta.
  • 171- Salina Lowe, Alta.
  • 172- Rachel Moore Olympus.
  • 174- Adre Summerhayes, Viewmont.
  • 174- Eli Olsen Wasatch.
  • 175- Mackenzie White, Wintah.
  • 175- Maura O’Farrell, Jordan.
  • 178- Campbell Cato, Olympus.
  • 178- Sammy Gibson, Alta.
  • 179- Isabel Wade, Northridge.
  • 179- Kylie Mumford, Jordan.
  • 180- Lisa Huang, Alta.
  • 182 – Kilani Hanamaikai, Tempeview.

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