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Google Pixel 6a vs Apple iPhone SE: Which is better?

So you’re looking for a new phone, and you know it’s a paradigm shift between Apple and Google. Smart move: No other phone manufacturer has a complete say in both hardware and software.

But you are on a budget. So what would it be – the newly unveiled Pixel 6a, or the hitherto familiar iPhone SE? We are here to help.

Google’s latest version hasn’t made it to our test bench yet, but we’ve spent a lot of time with the iPhone, browsing through the spec sheets. Here are the details of which phone is worth your money.

Google Pixel 6a vs iPhone SE (2022): Price and Release Date

iPhone SE is now available for purchase. The 64 GB version will bring you back £419 / $429. There are also larger 128GB and 256GB versions, which cost £469/$479 and £569/$579 respectively.

The Google Pixel 6a is set to launch this summer. Google has not confirmed the exact dates of availability, but has revealed that the only 128GB variant will cost £399 / $449.

Google Pixel 6a vs iPhone SE (2022): Technical Specifications

Apple iPhone SE (2022) Google Pixel 6a
an offer 4.7 inch IPS LCD 1334 x 750, 60Hz 6.1 inch OLED 1080 x 2400, 60Hz
butt cameras 12 MP (wide) 12.2 MP (wide), 12 MP (ultrawide)
front camera 7 mega pixel 8 mega pixel
Healer Apple A15 Bionic Google Tensor
storage 64 GB / 128 GB / 256 GB 128 GB
battery 2108 mAh 4410 amp
Dimensions 138 x 67 x 7.3 mm 152.2 x 71.8 x 8.7 mm
Weight 144 g 178 g

Design: glass or metal?

The updated, 2022 iPhone SE looks just like the previous one — and the one before that. It effectively uses the same design as the iPhone 8, which was launched five years ago. The thick bezels of the display and TouchID home button make the home button look outdated compared to newer Apple models.

It’s a far cry from the Pixel 6a, which it shares in design with two other current-generation phones from Google. There is a camera strip on the back that covers the entire width of the phone, and the front is almost an entire screen. Everything looks modern smartphone.

A Google phone is bigger in all three directions and weighs too. If you are looking for something thin and light, iPhone remains the best option. But keep in mind that everyone who sees you with her will know that you are an understatement on an Apple phone for beginners.

Screen: Size matters

Is bigger always better? Probably not if you prefer a smaller phone. The iPhone SE is one of the few small screen options left, with a 4.7-inch screen that fits comfortably in almost any hand. Meanwhile, the Pixel has a much larger 6.1-inch panel.

The iPhone’s 16:9 aspect ratio and large screen bezels and TouchID home button mean there’s really not much between the two phones, though, for most screens for your money, the Pixel is the clear winner.

The Google phone has a higher resolution, and has an OLED panel with more stable colors and better contrast. There’s no refresh rate feature, though: Both phones are capped at 60Hz.

Cameras: Dual or none

The Pixel 6a has a dual-lens rear camera, but the iPhone SE only works with one. Game over, isn’t it? Well, it is not that simple. Apple’s A15 Bionic chip delivers superb image processing, with smarter HDR and improved low-light video recording.

Google has quite a few of its own algorithms of course. Low-light photography is something special, and it also has tools like magic eraser to delete photo spoilers.

Both phones use 12MP primary cameras, so there is no obvious advantage in pixel count. The ultra-fast Pixel 6a fits a larger portion of your scene in the shot, of course. We haven’t yet seen the capabilities of the camera in person, so we’re not quite ready to announce a winner just yet.

Performance: no power shortage

Both phones contain local silicone. Google used the Tensor chip previously seen in the more expensive Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, so the 6a should be able to run just about anything available on the Google Play Store at the moment.

Apple added an A15 Bionic CPU to the SE this year, putting it on par with the iPhone 13. This chip is an absolute beast, regularly topping the benchmark tables and comfortably running on the latest iOS version.

The Pixel 6a won’t be flabby, but if processing power and gaming grunt are your top priority, we think the iPhone is taking the edge here.

Battery: That’s what you do with it

On paper, this might seem like a clear win for Google. The Pixel 6a has a 4,300mAh battery, while the iPhone SE is powered by a smaller 2018mAh battery.

However, Apple has worked its magic with iOS to really extend battery life. The iPhone SE is good for 15 hours of video playback, which puts it on par with the more expensive iPhone 12 Mini.

Google’s efforts don’t include wireless charging, while the iPhone supports 7.5W on a Qi-compatible charging pad. However, when it comes to cables, Google takes the edge. It manages 30W fast charging, with the iPhone only able to reach 20W.

Both phones should comfortably help you get through an entire day without having to plug it in.

Initial verdict: Google’s advantage?

Apple’s more expensive model got an update earlier this year, but apart from the performance and battery boost, it was a minor update. It still rocks a small, low-resolution screen, with thick edges to account for the TouchID home button. While it can take good photos thanks to Apple’s clever handling, there is still only one rear camera.

Meanwhile, the Pixel 6a is more modern. Sharing the design with the more expensive Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, it has a larger, higher-resolution screen, an ultra-fast camera as well as a capable flagship end tool.

There are a few areas where Apple still has an advantage, and a tighterly controlled operating system is undeniable. But if you’re not already too deep with iOS, at this early stage, we think the Pixel 6a looks like the superior phone overall.

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