emergency calls only on Android

Emergency calls only on Android? Easy fixes!

It’s frustrating when you try to make a call only to find your Android phone says emergency calls only? There are several reasons why this happens. Don’t worry, most of them are easy to fix.

This message has something to do with the network, either your carrier is experiencing issues or something is wrong on your end.

Well, whatever the problem, the following guide will help you You only fix emergency calls on Android.

We’ve compiled the proven fixes for this issue from easiest to most difficult. Go through them in order until you find the one that suits you best.

1. Restart your phone

Starting the list with something very basic, like restarting your Android device. So, grab a file power button on the side. The Energy List will appear on the screen, press Restart to choose.

Reboot your Android smartphone. Screen capture: Sourav Day / Gochtor

After restarting the device, the mobile network should be restored. So, go back to the phone app and start calling.

If that doesn’t fix the problem, don’t worry. We have many other solutions in our arsenal.

2. Check the network connection

One of the biggest reasons why you can only receive emergency calls on Android is bad network connection.

On your mobile, check the network bars at the top. If you see that there are not enough bars or it is declining at the moment, this means that you have a weak signal. In this case, you will only be able to make emergency calls.

Now, there are a lot of reasons why this happens. This could be a temporary issue as your network service provider might fix something or do some maintenance. Because of that, you get poor service.

This could also be due to your location, possibly out of coverage area. This can also happen if you are underground or surrounded by unusually thick walls.

If this is not the case and you frequently encounter similar network issues; Like at home or at work, you likely have a bad service provider. We suggest that you change your carrier.

3. Airplane mode

This is another trick like restarting the device. Airplane mode is available on all modern Android phones. You may see Airplane mode on some Android devices, but it’s the same.

When Airplane mode is enabled, it stops your phone from connecting to Wi-Fi, cellular networks, or Bluetooth.

Therefore, you will not be able to make or receive calls. If you disable Airplane mode, your smartphone’s network connection will be restored.

By turning Airplane mode on and off, it basically resets your network, and fixes any and all network issues your smartphone might have.

Use Airplane mode to fix the problem
Enable and disable Airplane mode on Android. Screen capture: Sourav Day / Gochtor

So, drag a file Android quick settings panel and search for Airplane/flight mode. You can toggle the switch to enable and disable the mode.

4. Reinsert the SIM card

Re-inserting the SIM card works almost all the time only when faced with the issue of emergency calls. So, you need to find a SIM card ejection tool.

If you lose your ejector, this is the case for most people. Ask your friends or family to lend you one. You can also use a pin or needle of similar dimensions and use it to remove the SIM card from the phone.

Wait a few seconds, you can also clean the card in the meantime if it is dirty. Then insert the SIM card and wish the best.

5. Manually select the carrier

Selecting the smartphone carrier manually can solve many network related issues. So, when you only receive emergency calls on your Android mobile phone, you should try this fix.

  1. Play file Settings app on Android.
  2. tap on links and choose mobile operators.
  3. In the next panel, select network operators.
Choose your network operator
Manually select network operator. Screen capture: Sourav Day / Gochtor

Now, you will only see one option which is Choose automatically The button next to it will turn on. This means that the device is set to automatically detect carriers.

You need to disable the button and a list of carriers available in your country will appear. Click on carrier name which you are using.

Instead of a list, you may get a file search networks to choose. Tap on it, and the list will appear after your smartphone completes the search.

6. Change network mode

This solution is a bit out there and you also need to be careful while performing this method. Otherwise, it can cause an even bigger network problem.

Now, this is the 5G era in most countries. It’s definitely fast but at the moment, they’re pretty much unreliable. But you have the option to change the network mode manually. This is what you have to do.

  1. Play file Settings app and press links.
  2. Choose mobile networks and press network mode to choose.
Select a different network mode on Android
Change Network Mode on Android. Screen capture: Sourav Day / Gochtor

Now, there will be several network mode options. If you are currently using 5G, you need to select 4G or 3G. The internet will definitely be slower, but they are very reliable for making calls.

7. Check for pending updates

Old Android system can also cause a lot of problems. So, if you have a lot of updates pending, now is the time to install them.

It is very easy to update Android. just go to Android Settings and click on the option labeled system update. there will be Download the installation file option, tap on it.

Android update to fix emergency calls only issue
Download and install the latest Android update. screenshot; surav dai / jochtur

Once you click on this option, your phone will start scanning for any available updates. If it finds one, download it and tap fixed Button to install Android update.

8. Reset network settings

If nothing works, then you need to reset the network settings on your Android smartphone. The network on your smartphone will be reset and you will lose all customizations like the saved Wi-Fi.

  1. Play file Settings app and choose Public Administration.
  2. Click on Re-Set to choose.
  3. under reset menutap on Reset network settings.
Reset Android network to fix emergency calls only issue
Reset Network Settings on Android. Screen capture: Sourav Day / Gochtor

This should fix only the emergency calls issue you were having on your Android smartphone.

9. Pay the bill

Finally, the most obvious question is, have you paid your cell phone bill? Because if you don’t, your mobile service provider will cut off your phone so you can’t make or receive calls. Maybe that’s why you can only access files emergency calls.

10. Factory reset

If you have tried all the above fixes, and your Android phone is still showing a file emergency calls onlyYou may want to try resetting your phone to factory settings.

Factory reset will erase all data and settings on your phone. So make sure to backup your Android phone before proceeding with this option.

wrap it

We hope you found this guide useful in helping you troubleshoot emergency calls only on your Android phone.

Let us know if this helped resolve this issue. If you find success doing something else, feel free to let us know via the comments section below.

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