Mophie today announced the release of two ultra-compact USB-C chargers designed for iPhone, iPad and Mac, with 30W and 67W options available.

Mophie 67W charger (front) vs. Apple 67W charger (rear)

Built with GaN (gallium nitride), the chargers are smaller, lighter and more energy efficient than traditional silicon-based chargers, including Apple’s 30W and 67W chargers. Both chargers feature foldable prongs, a single USB-C port with fast charging capabilities, and a two-meter USB-C to USB-C cable included in the case.

The only GaN charger Apple has released so far is the 140W USB-C Power Adapter, which is included with the latest 16-inch MacBook Pro and sold separately. Apple is also rumored to be planning a new 35W dual USB-C charger that could use GaN, with leaked images suggesting the charger will feature foldable prongs.

The new Mophie chargers can be ordered through the Apple Online Store, with a 30-watt option priced at $44.95 and a 67-watt option at $69.95. The chargers can also be ordered from Mophie’s parent company ZAGG (30W here and 67W here), which currently offers customers 30% off when buying two or more products during the same transaction.

(Oddly enough, Mophie’s press release says the 67W charger includes two USB-C ports that can split the output 45W/20W, but product specifications on Apple’s website and photos clearly show just one USB-C port. We’ve reached out to Mophie for clarification.)

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