The site aims to give Calderdale more roles in movies and TV shows

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BBC Director-General visits Happy Valley at Sarah Lancashire final…

Among them is the BBC/HBO production of Gentleman Jack, which stars Soran Jones as Shepden Hall heiress and lesbian Anne Lester, who is credited with drawing more tourists to Halifax and Calderdale, including from the United States, and called The name is the “Gentleman Jack Effect”.

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Happy Valley. Photo: BBC

Figures for 2019 – the last year before the COVID-19 pandemic and the year Gentleman Jack was first shown by Sally Wainwright – showed tourism was just under £400m for Calderdale’s economy, up 14 per cent from £349. million in 2018.

Other productions that have used Calderdale settings in recent years include Sally Wainwright’s other series, Last Tango In Halifax and Happy Valley, the latter of which finished filming for its third series this spring.

Another BBC production filmed in Calderdale, based on the novel by Calder Valley author Benjamin Myers, is The Gallows Pole, about 18th-century counterfeiters Cragg Coiners, who carried out their activities atop Mytholmroyd, and is also scheduled to air this year.

Other major attractions in the town include its stunning natural scenery and distinctive architecture including buildings such as Halifax-listed Hall’s Grade I, the council says.

Filmed for both Gentleman Jack’s productions and Marvel’s Secret Invasion, which starred Hollywood legend Samuel L. was instrumental in launching Calderdale’s economy as it recovers from an early pandemic.

All this activity led to the council creating the website to show Calderdale is a “film-friendly” area, working closely with Screen Yorkshire, and including practical information to make the process as easy as possible for potential producers, says council vice president Coun Jane Scullion (Lab, Ludden Foot). ).

It shows how the Council coordinates responses to requests for filming permits, parking, site rules, and traffic management.

In turn, the products help promote the region – increasingly on a global scale.

Calderdale is increasingly known as a filming destination, with a variety of major productions filmed in the town in recent years.

“This new location is a great place to learn more about using Calderdale’s distinctive landscape and built environment in future productions.

“Our imaging team has seen a massive increase in requests from production companies and location managers.

“The small team is always going the extra mile and doing their best to fulfill these requests and working tirelessly to make your film, television or commercial photography run as smoothly as possible.

“But don’t just take our word for it, you can find the location on interviews with directors, directors, and actors who will tell you how great Calderdale is as a filming location,” Coun Scullion said.

Day and night trips to Calderdale in 2019 were up by more than a quarter compared to the previous year with about 8.2 million en route to the borough and the council noted that about £295.8 million of money spent by tourists in the area directly benefited local businesses, from hotels and restaurants to coffee shops. Shops and attractions.

Council figures showed that 2019 income is estimated to support 7,930 jobs, up 14 percent from 2018.

The new site collects useful information for directors, producers, site managers and site scouts.

Features easy access to resources, shooting permit applications, and insight into modern photography.

There is also information on the wide range of outdoor and built-up sites available in Calderdale, including rural, urban, and historic options as well as old streets.

The site also includes information on how Calderdale residents or businesses may present their venues as a potential filming location, providing opportunities for local residents and further highlighting the wide and varied options within the township to film different types of productions.

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