No kidding, Microsoft is now charging companies to process Windows ransomware

Microsoft, the company that produces Windows that is a practical target for every ransomware attack, now offers paid products to combat these ransomware attacks.

I’m kidding you don’t. No other operating system suffers from ransomware attacks, although useful security experts try to spread the burden a bit, sucking up the big M, by claiming they’ve seen similar malware for Linux and Mac.

But no ransomware attack and shutdown of a company for a while have been carried out with anything other than Windows.

This kind of making money is in keeping with Microsoft culture. The only thing the company has in spades is rudeness. It’s totally rude to try to make money from something their products allow to happen.

That was the culture promoted by its co-founder Bill Gates and it never went away. Not that any serious effort has been made to change it over the 47 years of operation of the company.

And the American television network CNBC presented a report About this new way to raise money on Monday. You can see the details here dear reader. I don’t intend to give this company any more leeway in this score than I already have.

For some time now, the Redmond-based company has been trying to divert attention from its poor security record by putting out so-called “studies” to claim it has security credentials.

No online or print publication would dare point to the fact that Microsoft now offers cures for diseases that it incubates and facilitates itself.

Microsoft is too strong for this kind of confrontation and most journalists in the US are more involved in the stenography than the actual reporting.

I never hesitate to take Microsoft’s feet into the fire, but then it gets a bit repetitive; The company has no shame, and VIPs keep chanting the same slogans over and over.

Every once in a while, I pull myself up and point out the more outrageous allegations, like when the company released long writing About flaws that allowed privilege escalation on Linux systems without noting that none of these flaws could be exploited remotely.

But then Microsoft’s business providing a product to fight its own disease isn’t entirely new. Several years ago, the company announced that it would provide a program, now known as Windows Defender, to protect against malware.

At the time, there was talk of a lawsuit to prevent this as it was argued, correctly, that Windows is the reason most malware is able to infect systems.

But no one had the capacity to take this threat. What has now happened is a recurrence, with the only difference being that people will actually have to pay for help with something they can avoid if they stop using Windows.

However, it may require some amount of common sense, something that has become really uncommon these days. I won’t hold my breath waiting for anyone to go down this road.

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