love heart? 9 More LGBT TV Shows & Movies to Watch

Words: Jack Bingley. Pictures: Netflix

Heartstuber It has taken the world by storm, amassing 23.9 million hours of watch time on Netflix in just two weeks and has dominated the conversation in the LGBTQ community in the best possible way.

If you, like us, have heart stopper-Hole a hole in your life after watching the entire season at the speed of light: look no further! We’ve compiled a list of shows you should add to your list if you enjoyed the Netflix adaptation of Alice Oseman’s LGBTQ graphic novel series.

There will be a few things that are obvious, some you may not have heard of yet, along with where you can currently watch in the UK to help stop Heartstuber-withdrawal.

Young royal family (Netflix)

Young royal family And Heartstuber They both deal with issues of going out and romance in high school, but that’s where the majority of their similarities stop.

This Swedish drama tackles some of the darker issues surrounding identity and gender – all under the Swedish monarchy, no less.

Love, Victor (star on Disney+)

You will be forgiven for calling Love, Victor American version of Heartstuber The core story and the warm overall vibe are incredibly similar.

Set in the same universe as Love, SimonThe series follows Victor as he settles into a new school and grapples with his sexuality. While the first season was a little off, it has evolved into a fascinating exploration of gay acne.

Half (Netflix)

Well, this is a movie, not a series, and the two main characters are not in love…but bear with us! This beautiful film follows a reclusive Ellie Choo recruited by the famous Jock Paul to write love letters to the girl he loves: Esther. As Ellie tries to win Aster on behalf of Paul, she develops feelings for Aster herself.

The story is an intimate display of grotesque yearning and self-discovery and should definitely be on your list of feel-good movies.

Never before (Netflix)

It could be the original Mindy Kaling series HeartstuberSister show. With whimsical anecdotal facts, disastrous friendship drama, first kisses and plenty of daydreams and unrequited longing, this show will remind you how joyful (and painful) it is to be an awkward teen.

Sex Education (Netflix)

We really shouldn’t have to add this to the list, but we’d feel wrong without it. sex education It is a more realistic and realistic depiction of high school life, but through the hilarious, rose-colored lens that Netflix UK is so famous for.

The proof is in the name, as the series delves into the graphic details of nearly every character’s sexuality while delving into real issues faced by today’s youth.

Please Like (Amazon Prime Video)

if Heartstuber About starting high school, then please like me related to the onset of puberty. A twisted Australian comedy follows Josh, a young twenty-something who is abandoned by his girlfriend and realizes he is gay.

As he navigates this second adolescence with noteworthy levels of poise, we see him begin to fully develop into a functioning adult – no easy feat!

Dickinson (Apple TV +)

This retelling of the life of nineteenth-century American poet Emily Dickinson is a one-of-a-kind piece of television.

The show delves into themes of sexuality, romance, sexuality, and family politics and serves as an allegory for all the weird love stories omitted from the history books.

Skam (currently not available in the UK)

This Norwegian coming of age series developed a massive following when it aired from 2015-17 due to its original portrayal of teenage life and the interactive nature of storytelling.

Season 3 follows Isak as he deals with his sexuality and the heightened feelings he has for his co-worker even – does he sound familiar?!

Fear Street Trilogy (Netflix)

This is perhaps the best of this compilation, but it is definitely a notable addition. Gay people are used to seeing themselves killed within moments in most horror movies and series, but the Fear Street trilogy has a beautiful lesbian love story at the core of every movie.

While not for the faint of heart, when you wipe off the bloodstain, there is a heart-warming depiction of forbidden gay love.

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