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Previously in our Old Movies column we focused on Joan Blundell’s career – and now we’re discussing one of her best films, Clever.

Spoilers for Smarty are waiting for them.

In my last column, I talked about Magnificent and charming Joan Blondell. THis week I would like to focus very much on one of her films, definitely her best films – Clever (1934). It also happens to be a very preconceived code movie. It’s challenging, exciting, funny, and smart.

Directed by Robert Florey and based on a play by F Hugh Herbert, Clever revolves around the relationship between Vicki And Tony. windy Vicki Push and excite Tony as best you can. And one day he slapped her over a dinner with his friends, causing outrage and a divorce. thus Vicki marry them lawyer, Vernon. But, More anger light up when it is clear that Vicki Still trying her best to get up from Tony.

Only from reading that plot, you can collect it Clever He walks a very, very thin line. In fact, the original UK address is hit me again. The film will likely have just as many detractors as revelers. During the short 64-minute runtime, a lot happens to the poor Vicki. sHer husband slapped him twice, which led to the divorce.

It’s pretty understandable then that some people would watch it Clever Uncomfortable as if the movie sheds light on domestic violence. After all, though Vicki Pricks and jerks in these two guys until their nerves caught on, is it really worth such a blow about the cut? no. Despite the overt comedic undertones, there is a certain amount of discomfort one feels when watching the movie. And it’s easy to get dreaded leaving the movie.

However, there is one line at the beginning of the movie that tells you all about Vickistand on entire Issue: “If he really loved me, he would have hit me a long time ago.”

It’s very clear that there is a reason for that Vicki She poops and provokes the men in her life to act this way – because she feels some pain in her intimate relationship.s. Although she deals with the issue in a ridiculous manner, her request is clear and simple. Well, hit me again. in the boudoir. when we are alone. The entire film culminates in an attempt with Tony in which he finally fulfills her wishes, indicating a happy ending for all. Except for Vernon, one guess.

Fun fact: There is a moment in this movie where Tony points out Watching a movie in which a grapefruit character is shocked. This movie is the most famous Enemy of the Peoplewwith the genius James CagneyAnd also Stars: Joan Blondell!

Clever He delves into the weirder side of sex in relationships with wealthy self-confidences. It addresses the extent of a man’s contempt hitting a woman while also dealing with Vicky’s inclinations as well. She has almost the most agencies here, which is the agency With Maximum control throughout the movie. There’s a clear line to draw for itself here. In fact, she only gets really angry when Tony hits her in front of the guests.

Joan Blondel is really cool like Vicki, And the character seems to be practically written for her. Blondel has these big, round, light up eyes that convey excitement and incredulity. The attractive glint in her eyes as she wrapped a black dress in order to provoke her husbands gloriously.

She also has great chemistry with William Warren, who plays Tony. It’s amazing to watch them sway and ribbing as they make quick, hot reversals to each other. There are also constant insultsNear the end of the movie, she shoves a can of vegetables in his face, causing one of the funniest facial responses I’ve ever seen.

Then there is the incomparable Edward Everett Horton Like Vernon. When he appears on screen, he just has to raise an eyebrow and you are in waves of laughter. In addition, like Scrap Tony and Vernon Early in the movie, their battle he is reminds us so much silly Bridget Jones Diary One Between Hugh Grant and Colin Firth.

Clever Very clever and definitely a must-see movie Delve into the positively inappropriate world of Pre-Code films.

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