Hwang In-youp and Seo Hyun-ji in

Hwang In-youp stars alongside Seo Hyun-ji in the mysterious K-Drama with a lifetime romance.

South Korean actor Hwang In-yeop is making a name for himself in K-dramas. He got recognized as the bad boy in real beauty And now Il-deung’s role in writing the webtoon for the Korean drama magic sound. As Hwang captivates fans in the K-Drama, he is set to star in the lead role Why is she? Next to Seo Hyun-ji. He plays a college student in love with an older woman and a new law professor in this drama.

Hwang In-youp and Seo Hyun-ji in Why Her? | via SB

Hwang In-youp has played young characters in the past before his role in “Why Her?”

The actor is definitely on his way to stardom with a growing fan base praising every role he takes on. Despite being in his thirties, Hwang is known for portraying characters much younger than his actual age. He started his career as a model before his TV role Nokdo’s tale In 2019. In 18 againHe played the supporting role of Goo Ja-sung.

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