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Press release. Georgetown, Cayman Islands, May 10, 2022 The HUMAN Protocol announced today that it has awarded a grant to VeritaTrust to run on-chain reviews.

after an announcement HUMAN Protocol’s $10 million grant fundsThis work with VeritaTrust represents the first grant awarded since the inception of this program.

VeritaTrust seeks to reward cryptocurrency reviewers for their reviews of products and services; and using blockchain technology to track reviews, as well as the reputation of the corresponding reviewers. The VeritaTrust project is expected to ramp up on-chain activity for the human protocol; It introduces a new utility for the protocol’s original token, HMT, which will be used to reward reviewers.

“It’s a very compatible partnership,” said Andreas Schim, who heads the Human Protocol grant program. “We are pleased to work with the VeritaTrust team to fund their work as they seek to build with our blockchain technology and reward mechanisms to improve e-commerce solutions.”

“Human Protocol shares our vision of rewarding contribution. So far, they have succeeded in bringing hCaptcha on-chain to allow people to earn their ‘clicks’,” said Ibrahim Benhelal, founder of VeritaTrust and former head of strategic development at Trust Pilot. On-chain is a great solution to our needs; by leveraging this technology, we can automatically push reviewers on-chain automatically thanks to the power of smart contracts.”

About human protocol

Human Protocol is a widely applicable solution for managing a distributed workforce. He started by bringing hCaptcha – a bot blocker – on-chain, to reward individual workers for the key ML work they were completing through a CAPTCHA solution. However, this has become a much broader solution to coding any contribution; Thus, the ability to organize the management and evaluation of that business and reward small payments to many individuals.

In this sense, reviews are just another form of work, or valuable contribution, that can be rewarded across block chains. People expected the possibility of implementing such a project In their blog post about the potential of projectsIt, like VeritaTrust, is made possible by blockchain technology.

About VeritaTrust

verita gearE-commerce companies help improve your online shopping experience. With 9 out of 10 people checking reviews before buying online, product reviews have never been more valuable. By offering reliable ratings on the blockchain, they hope to help reduce cart abandonment, increase conversion rates and loyalty.

VeritaTrust collects customer reviews to help brands reward customers. They use blockchain, AI, and machine learning, to create a plug-and-play SaaS solution to build a complete customer review strategy.

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