Epoch Films launches production house in UK

American commercial production company Bicoastal Epoch Films Expands to the UK Along with company founder Mindy Goldberg and partners Melissa Culligan and Martin de Thurah, Epoch’s London office will be managed by former SMUGGLER Director of Talent Megan Campbell and former Tony Kaye Films, Stink, and SMUGGLER producer Nick Fewtrell. Campbell has been appointed executive producer and talent manager for UK, and Fewtrell as managing director and executive producer for Epoch Films UK.

Campbell and Fewtrell will collaborate, pitch projects, and oversee talent. De Thurah, who for the past eight years has been an integral part of the evolution of the Epoch brand and a key catalyst in creating the company’s creative and spiritual DNA in the US, will lead in instilling the same spirit through his role in the UK entity. Together, the leadership team will share responsibility for maintaining the company’s creative culture, keeping diversity and inclusion at the heart of the company and good work up front on Epoch projects.

The move to Epoch Films UK for director de Thurah is also a pivotal step in his career. After 17 years with Academy Films in the UK and 11 years with Epoch in the US as a partner and talent, he’s making the full transition to be with Epoch on both sides of the world.

De Thurah, a two-time DGA winner for Commercial Manager of the Year commented, “I was adopted or taken into this epoch family in 2011. Sometimes you find people in your life who are clicking something in a special way. In fourth grade, I wrote an essay saying, “ Friends are very important, and therefore I am glad that I started school – if I stayed home all the time, I would never meet new friends. It’s important – you can have good companionship and good camaraderie. I think I already had some kind of compass back then. He joked. “Academy Films was my first production company, before Bacon and Epoch…Leaving them in the UK was a tough decision. It’s an exciting time in my career, both in terms of directing and thinking about the future. I want to do beautiful work, mentoring younger directors.” age, and to be a part of building a business culture at Epoch. It’s good to take great strides in life in new chapters.”

Mindy Goldberg, founder of Epoch said: “We are thrilled to have this all-star team of Megan Campbell and Nick Fewtrell join our team, launching our UK office with Martin de Thurah in power. Megan is a talented CEO full of energy and new ideas. On how to build a business out of traditional paradigms, and Nick is the yin for that yang. An accomplished producer, he’s a practical thinker who can get anything done very well, and do it effortlessly. And Martin – he’s icing on the cake!”

Over the past decade, Campbell has worked alongside many high-end creative production houses representing the talent and the communities they built. Her global and diverse background in advertising, entertainment and technology in the US/UK/EU regions provides the company with a uniquely useful perspective across the ever-changing media terrain. Sequel to this, Fewtrell has produced numerous projects for notable directors in several production houses on both sides of the Atlantic. His deep experience of over 25 years in production in the advertising, film and music video industries brings the multifaceted intelligence essential to the ongoing demand for creative content in both the advertising arts and entertainment arenas.

“When Mindy and Melissa approached me about launching Epoch in London, I was immediately excited by the prospect of working with these amazing women in the industry,” Campbell said. “It is an honor to be a part of bringing such forward-thinking and well-established company to the UK, and I truly look forward to building the Epoch office with an impressive roster of directors alongside Nick Fewtrell and the incredible expanded team in the US.”

Fewtrell commented: “What impressed me most about this opportunity is the diverse talent roster. To be able to shape the UK’s market offering in the mold that Meghan and I believe in has been too good to turn down. I am fortunate enough to have worked with some very talented people. Being in our industry and being able to bring this level of craftsmanship and creativity to market gives me immense pleasure – and, accordingly, building on Mindy and Melissa’s epoch spirit that they have worked so hard to achieve.”

Colligan, Managing Partner/Executive Partner of Epoch, added, “Europe is thirsting for new voices. Brands are thirsting for new voices – diverse voices that more accurately reflect the audiences they are speaking to. We believed in the mission. We knew the timing was right to enter the UK market to accommodate production demand. Ongoing compelling creative content across the world of advertising and entertainment. We are delighted that Megan and Nick are leading our new office, working as a team across the US and in the UK/Europe market together as one entity.”

Epoch Films UK’s roster will be created with acclaimed directors from its US roster including DA Yirgou, Dugan O’Neal, Emile Thalund, Emma Westenberg, Hannah Pearl Utt, JILL, Matias & Mathias, Matthew Swanson and Zachary Heinzerling, as well as partner de Thorah, and the latest talent signatories, Carl Sundimo and Roganzo “Riggs” Howard.

The UK office is only the first step in Epoch’s larger plan to build opportunities for talent across brand and content platforms. Besides expanding Epoch Films into the UK/EU market, the company will venture further into the world of film and television by forging a new alliance and creating a 360-degree production entity with a long-form European production company and management. The two companies will work together to provide a 360-degree filmmaking model for brands, platforms and directed talent. Details surrounding this alliance are set to be announced this summer at Cannes and the Cannes Lions Festival. Currently, Epoch has two feature-length television projects in various stages of development, including one based on a novel she chose and the other focused on a one-woman off-Broadway show.

“Epoch’s team of directors and producers have been committed to advertising as well as feature film projects since Epoch started 30 years ago. We’ve been successful in both. We’re all grown up now, so we are ready to officially announce these endeavors. I hope we achieve our expanded vision – that’s always the challenge Goldberg commented. “Our ethos as a company has been to do great things – and that’s what we did. Now, we’re laying that foundation for bigger plans. What’s even better – as Martin shared – is how much we truly love each other and want to support success for everyone involved in the company globally. Everything is exciting. Very good and feels really good.”

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