3 Ways to Fix Error 740 While Adding a Printer on Windows 11

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  • Do you see error 740 when adding a printer on Windows 11? This is mostly due to lack of admin rights.
  • It can also occur due to malfunctioning printer servers, incompatible drivers, printer incompatibility, and more.
  • Try unplugging and plugging the printer port back into your computer or try the following methods to permanently fix it.

printer error #740 that did not work

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Can’t add a printer on Windows 11? If you encounter error 740 while adding a printer to your Windows 11 PC, you are not alone. It often leaves you wondering, will printers work with Windows 11?

This is a common error and the message reads – This did not work. We cannot install this printer right now. Try again later or contact your network administrator for assistance. Error: #740.

However, to your comfort, it simply means that you need the required administrator privileges to add the printer.

In addition, you may also see the message – The requested operation requires altitude: Error 740. This error prevents you from running applications or accessing files on the storage device.

There are various errors that you may encounter when installing a printer, for example – We can’t install this printer right now Error 283 or The requested operation requires altitude: Error 740.

While installing the latest Windows update can sometimes fix the problem, often not. It can be really annoying when your printer is not working on Windows 11 and you need to do some urgent work.

Fortunately, we have some quick solutions that may help you fix error 740 when adding a printer on Windows 11.

How do I fix error 740 when adding a printer?

1. Run the printer wizard using Command Prompt

  1. Click on Wins + s keys at the same time to unlock He runs Command window.
  2. In the search field, type poultice and press control + converts + Enters Shortcut key to open a file Command Prompt. Open an elevated Command Prompt by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Enter together
  3. Now, copy and paste the command below into a file Command Prompt window and press Enters: rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /ilRun the command in cmd to add admin rights to the printer
  4. Once the command is executed, proceed with the printer installation.

So, if you can’t install a printer and you can’t complete this function, this method should help you fix it.

2. Disable User Account Control

  1. to open a file He runs Click on Wins + s keys at the same time.
  2. He writes User Account Control Settings in the search bar and press Enters. Type User Accountcontrolsettings and press OK
  3. Like User Account Control Settings The window opens, set it to didn’t know. Set UAC to Never Notify
  4. press yes To save the changes and exit.

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Now, try to install the printer again and check if it shows the message – printer error #740 that did not work repeatedly.

3. Create a new administrator account to fix error 740

  1. Press the hotkey combination – Wins + me to launch Settings a program.
  2. at Windows SettingsClick accounts On the left. Click Accounts in Windows Settings
  3. Next, on the right side, click Family and other users. Click Family & other users in Accounts settings
  4. Now, go to Other users and next to Add other usersClick Create an account. Click Add account next to Add other users
  5. A new window will open – How will this person log in?.
  6. Here, click I don’t have the login information for this person.I don't have this person's login information - Next
  7. On the Create an account window, click Add a user without a Microsoft account and click next one. Click Add a user without a Microsoft account and hit Next
  8. Next, type a new username and password and tap next one. Enter your username and password and click Next

Once the new account is created, you will need to change it to the Administrator account. Follow our guide on how to change the administrator account in Windows 11.

Once done, close the file Settings window and you should be able to install the printer now.

Hence, you can first create a new administrator account and then try to add a printer in Windows 11 with error 740.

If the error appears due to a conflict with Windows Defender, a third-party antivirus, or if the firewall is blocking the printer, temporarily disabling the antivirus and firewall may help solve the problem.

Moreover, before you can add this printer, you need to install a driver for it. You should also search for and install some Windows 11 compatible printer drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

You can also refer to our guide on how to fix error 740 on Windows 10 when you encounter the error while running a specific app.

Although it is a guide for Windows 10 users, many solutions will work on the new operating system as well.

If you encounter any other similar errors with your printer or have a solution that works for you, leave a comment in the comment box below.

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