Xiaomi Pad 5 review: A good Android tablet that offers a great value

Xiaomi Pad 5 got everyone talking about it. And rightly so. It’s the most honest try on an Android tablet in a long time. He doesn’t make fun of users with funny specs. It doesn’t pretend to be a laptop replacement either. Honestly, it should also be called an iPad killer. I’ll talk about this part later in the review.

With this Android tablet, Xiaomi got two things right – pricing and launch timing. The Xiaomi Pad comes to India right after the pandemic, when there is a renewed interest in tablets, thanks to the growing need for an additional screen in the home. For consuming content, making video calls, etc., they are priced quite reasonably, starting at Rs 26,999. Yes, you need to spend more on accessories, but even then, many people can afford the tablet.

Xiaomi has also packed the Pad 5 with some great hardware – a 120Hz display, Snapdragon 860 SoC, keyboard and stylus support and a decent battery pack. It’s already garnered a lot of compliments, and while I agree with most things, there are a few different opinions about it. Let me address it in this detailed review.

It’s not an iPad killer

The Xiaomi Pad 5 has been hailed as an iPad killer. That’s how much Apple controls the category in which every Android tablet is instantly compared to an iPad. The latter has been a huge success for Apple, despite its high price.

But, here’s the thing – anyone in their right mind looking to buy an iPad won’t, and shouldn’t, give it up for the Xiaomi Pad 5. There are two main reasons to spend on a tablet – productivity and entertainment. It’s the productivity part where the iPad outperforms any Android tablet, let alone the Xiaomi Pad 5. It offers many tools and apps for creators who are missing out on the Android ecosystem.

Apple also continues to promote its developers to make their iPad or Apple apps exclusive. Whether you pay for and use these apps is a choice, but it gives the iPad an edge. Plus, if you have an iPhone, MacBook, or even an Apple Watch, the connected ecosystem is a joy to use.

This brings me to the entertainment part and this is where the Xiaomi Pad really excels.

A great entertainment device

There are several factors that contribute to this. First, let’s talk about the show. The Xiaomi Pad 5 comes with a 10.9-inch Full HD+ display. It’s the perfect display size for a tablet, making the Pad 5 comfortable to hold and use. You feel at home in both horizontal and vertical directions. It doesn’t feel too big for the palm and can be used for extended periods.

After that, the screen gets all the privileges you want. It has a refresh rate of 120Hz and supports Dolby Vision and HDR10+ on OTT platforms. One of the great things about the screen is the 16:10 aspect ratio. This means that the screen has very thin black bars while streaming content and even if you zoom in, very little content is cropped.

The display quality is also good. The Dolby Vision content tab is successfully detected. Xiaomi deserves more credit for pushing Dolby Vision support across devices. The screen is bright, sharp and colorful. Feel super smooth while scrolling through menus and web pages.

The only issue I had was that the screen picked up a lot of fingerprint smudges. So, keeping it clean would be a huge task. The speakers on this tablet complete the entire viewing experience. They are loud, clear and pure. It also supports positional audio. They basically adjust the stereo sound automatically while switching the tablet’s orientation between landscape and portrait. There is also Dolby Atmos support here.

We built but we skipped some things

The Xiaomi Pad 5 is a well-built one. It has a modern design, it is only 6.9 mm thick and weighs 511 grams. The weight is also suitable for a tab. It is easy to use with both hands and the build quality is also good. The back panel is made of plastic with a matte finish on top. It catches fingerprint smudges but they don’t really show up. I have the gray color option which looks good.

The camera module on the back houses a single 13MP camera with flash. The power button is on the top, the volume button is on the right side and there is a small bar next to it for attaching and charging the pen. The left side comes with pogo pins to attach to the keyboard cover. There is a USB Type C port for charging.

This is an interesting thing – this is just a Wi-Fi tablet. Therefore, there is no SIM card slot. Xiaomi has also skipped the sd card support and the 3.5mm headphone jack on the Pad 5 – two features that would have been much appreciated on a tablet that plays much more in the entertainment segment.

Android tablet

This was literally the first thing I thought of when I started using the Xiaomi Pad 5. I mentioned in my first impressions of this tablet that this is the most flexible Android tablet I have used. Let’s start with the device first. The Pad 5 houses the Snapdragon 860 SoC, which is a mid-range chip that was used in last year’s Poco X3 Pro. Again, a smart choice. Not many OEMs have used this chip on phones because it lacks 5G support. In the case of the Xiaomi Pad 5, it does not matter. The processor sits alongside 6 GB of RAM along with 128 GB or 256 GB of internal memory.

The chip is perfect for a tablet. Applications open quickly. The tab feels fluid during everyday tasks. Even when I was running 10-15 apps at the same time, the tablet didn’t have any tantrums. Intense games like BGMI and Call of Duty: Mobile run smoothly on high graphics settings.

Then, of course, you need to talk about the entire experience of the program. It is a nice. Rare for Xiaomi but appreciated. Xiaomi has reworked MIUI for the Pad from scratch and everything is well optimized for the tablet’s form factor. For example, the calculator and calendar apps switch seamlessly between the two directions and work just fine.

Clean user interface. There are very few pre-installed apps in the tab. Most of them are from Google and others are from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi has also added some special features to take advantage of the tablet. There’s a dock at the bottom, inspired by the iPad, that shows installed apps with the three most recent apps for quick access from there. You can also run multiple applications at the same time. There are two ways to do this – split screen and floating windows.

Overall, it’s an honest and sincere effort that we hope will improve with Google’s focus on Android tablets and the arrival of Android 12L.

The Xiaomi Pad 5 also features an 8MP front camera, largely for video calls. He does a decent job. You’re not likely to use the rear camera to take pictures, but there is an option to scan documents within the camera app which comes in handy.

Xiaomi Ecosystem

Customers are generally hesitant to buy an Android tablet due to the lack of accessory support. Xiaomi’s decision to release two of them with Pad gives some assurance. The Xiaomi Pad 5 works with a foldable keyboard cover and a stylus pen – both of which must be purchased separately. Xiaomi announced pricing in time for this review. The keyboard cover costs 1,499 rupees and the smart pen is priced at 4,999 rupees. Very affordable.

The smart pen connects to the tablet using Bluetooth and charges automatically when connected to the Menu. The use case is all we already know. It can be used for taking notes, drawing, etc. There are two buttons on the pen. You can press and hold the first one to open the Notes app. Pressing the second allows you to take screenshots. The pen is responsive and accurate on most occasions. It still lacks the smoothness of Samsung’s S Pen.

You can still skip the stylus, but the keyboard cover is a must for anyone buying the Xiaomi Pad 5 to get the best out of the latter. It has a faux leather finish and looks good. The keyboard is obviously smaller than what you get on laptops, but the keys have ample travel space and once you get used to the form factor, it’s fun to use.

Xiaomi has also added some shortcuts to the keyboard. For example, Fn + N opens the notification drawer and Fn + A lets you take screenshots. Moreover, the tablet can be connected to a Bluetooth mouse. It also adds productivity to everything.

Big battery and slow charging

Xiaomi has packed a good 8,720mAh battery inside the Xiaomi Pad 5. It claims that this package can provide 5 days of music playing, 16 hours of video playback or 10 hours of playing time. I was very impressed with the battery life. I used the tab to watch videos or listen to music and was able to have a backup for a day and a half.

But the annoying thing is the charging support. The tablet comes with a 22.5W charger inside the box that takes over three hours to charge the Pad 5 from 0 to 100 percent. The tablet supports 33W charging, so you can always use the Xiaomi charger, but even then, the speed isn’t impressive.

Xiaomi Pad 5: Final Verdict

iPads are still the best tablets out there. it’s the truth. Not everyone can afford it. This is a more important fact. There is a general need for capable Android tablets. We’ve been saying this for years now. And it’s good to see Xiaomi step up and try to fill the void with the Xiaomi Pad 5. It’s a great package that offers great value for your money. Xiaomi Pad 5 is affordable, has a great screen and offers decent performance for anyone in the market for an extra screen for media consumption or productivity improvement. Make no mistake it’s an iPad killer.

Xiaomi Pad 5 Review 8.5 / 10


  • Accessories support
  • smooth program
  • good battery


  • slow charging
  • No sd card slot
  • Wi-Fi only tablet

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