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How to Play NES Games on Windows PC – Best Emulators

Finding the desired game back in the ’80s or ’90s to play on the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) console was a real pain. There were over 700 games available for the legendary console, and many of them have become quite the blockbuster.

There are many emulators that you can use nowadays to play NES games directly on your Windows PC. This way, you can play a classic game like Super Mario or Excitebike across your Windows PC in no time and without any modifications to the games themselves. You can even plug in a controller for a much more “original” experience, like those of the real NES, or you can simply set up some keyboard controls to use during simulated games. But which emulators to choose? We’re happy to make a list of these programs for you to try, and the order is completely random:


VirtualNES is relatively easy to use. All you have to do is download it, make sure you have some NES ROMs (small files for the games themselves), and configure the controls.

For the last part, just go to ‘Option’, then hit the ‘Console’ menu. You will see a joystick-style model of the buttons you need. Click on each box and select the button you want for each process. If you have a controller connected to a computer, press the buttons of that controller to activate it in the controller diagram. If not, press the keyboard keys you want, such as W and S, to maneuver the character forward and backward, for example, and K and L for his attacks. Of course, you can also choose any other keys you want, and that’s part of the beauty of the emulator.

VirtualNES even offers you the ability to save and resume your game progress from a certain point. This is something you can’t do on the original NES console because the full instructions to complete the game won’t take long once you get used to it. You can finish almost any NES game in about half an hour. But do not think that even for a moment it was easy to complete a game for NES! Completing it was, in most cases, much more difficult than completing a game these days that occupies tens of gigabytes in your storage drive!

Virtual NES Download Link: VirtuaNES Emulator for NES on Windows | Emuparadise


jNES is another great option for emulating NES games directly on your Windows PC, especially if you don’t want to spend a lot of time on the installation and configuration process. Just get the installer, install the same app on your computer, and make sure you also get the NES ROMs.

jNES lacks a variety of features that VirtualNES has, but it’s still one of the easiest emulators out there to use! jNES also offers console support, which is probably the best news you need to hear at this point. For most people, playing an NES game without a controller is like hoping to win the lottery without even buying a ticket.

jNES Download Link: Jnes (64-bit) Download (2022 Latest) (filehorse.com)


If you still can’t figure out which NES emulator for PC to choose, you can also try RetroArch. You might be surprised at what it can do, as this little program offers a wide range of features for NES fans to try.

You will also need to set up your favorite NES games as ROM files before you start using this emulator. Once you have it, everything becomes easier, since the program menu is simple and intuitive.

RetroArch download source: RetroArch

Nestopia UE

Nestopia UE can be another good option, and not just in case you run out of options. This program has very similar features to those of RetroArch, but it works much more smoothly. Installation is much easier if you choose Nestopia UE.

Nestopia UE is also a great option to choose if you want support for multiple external devices. In-app recording is also available if you need to show off your NES gameplay to your friends or maybe even your enemies.

We have to apologize that we don’t have any download links for Nestopia UE at the moment!

Once again, we have to emphasize that apart from the original NES console, any 8-bit game console emulator for PC will allow you to save your progress in a particular game. You better make sure that you search for this option in the emulator list!

We can think of Super Mario, Road Fighter, Tetris, Double Dragon, Excitebike, Street Fighter, Batman, Contra, Wild Hunt, and many other titles that were by far among the best games of all time for the NES. When the 8-bit console was dominating the market, any kid from Europe or the USA would madly love these games.

With games nowadays developing at a crazy speed and becoming more and more realistic, there is no telling how long you will still be able to find NES emulators online. That is why we recommend that you save the emulator installation files on your computer so that you can always use them again any time you want.

Feel free to tell us your experience using NES Emulators for Windows PC!

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