google: What to expect at Google I/O 2022: Android 13, Pixel 6a, Pixel Watch, and more

The Google I/O 2022 – the annual Developers Conference – is around the corner, scheduled for May 11-12. At the event, it shows the latest software development along with some hardware announcements.
Traditionally, Google discloses information about its software and what’s in store for developers. However, there have been occasions when Google has also announced new hardware products to consumers, which might even include a new phone, maybe a watch or much more.
From new software announcements to hardware unveiling, here’s what to expect from Google at I/O 2022.
How to attend Google I/O 2022
Google I/O 2022 is again being held online this year and is free to attend for everyone, but first, you need to register yourself at The keynote is scheduled for 10:00 AM PT (10:30 PM PT) on May 11. Those interested can watch the live broadcast on YouTube.
Android 13: The next big update for Android phones
Every year, Google announces a new version of Android, and this year it will announce Android 13, which is expected to be a not so big upgrade over the course of the year. Android 12. However, it may bring some improvements over the previous one. As for the features, you are expected to get more colorful and improved notifications, a special photo picker, and an improved QR code scanner, among other minor but important features. We expect to hear more about the changes that Android 13 will bring on May 11th.
pixel 6a: The new Pixel phone
For the past few years, Google has announced an affordable version of its Pixel series smartphones, and this year it is time to get an affordable Pixel 6 phone, dubbed Pixel 6a. But here’s the thing, Google doesn’t usually announce smartphones at I/O. However, according to Youtuber and mentor Jon Prosser, Google may finally announce a new smartphone, the Pixel 6a, at this year’s I/O. But, again, it’s not expected to hit shelves until July.
What do we know about the Pixel 6a? It is said to look a lot different from its predecessors and adopt a modern design like the Pixel 6. It is expected to come with a 90Hz OLED panel, a tensor Triple camera chip and setup.
pixel clock
The Pixel Watch has been in the news for quite some time now and even had an iPhone 4 – it was leaked in a full year glow in a restaurant – a few weeks ago. With such high-profile leaks, it will be interesting to see what Google has in store with its first in-house smartwatch. It’s rumored to come in two different sizes and four colors, and we’re expected to learn more about it at Google I/O later this week.
Pixel Buds Pro
The latest addition to our lineup of expectations is the Pixel Buds Pro. It made its way to the news last week, and it looks like it’s expected to come “soon,” but we don’t know when it will come soon. We also know that it may come in four color options, Real Red, Carbon, Limoncello and Fog. We may see Pixel Buds Pro later this week, but we’d suggest taking this with a pinch of salt.
new Nest Hub With detachable screen
A few weeks ago, a report suggested that Google is working on a new smart display with a detachable tablet form factor, slated to launch this year. As you might guess, the detachable screen can be detached from the dock, serving its purpose as a tablet and can be attached back to the primary speaker for use as the traditional Nest Hub. There is no information on an exact launch date, but it could be released at I/O 2022.
Could the Pixel Fold be another Google thing at I/O 2022?
There’s very little or no chance that Google will reveal the much-rumored foldable Pixel at I/O this week. However, we can glimpse the Pixel fold or the foldable Pixel, whichever you prefer to call it. Perhaps Google can show us how it has improved Android 13 (or Android 13L) for foldable devices, impressing with its foldability if it’s due to arrive this year.

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