Google SEO to copy your content for repurpose on other sites

Google’s John Mueller talked about how Google realized the practice of using your content that you’ve already written on one site, and then copying it to another one or two, with some modifications to fit that site. Is this considered plagiarized content? Are these portal pages? Is the content good?

The question appeared at 7:36 in the video from Friday. The question was “Is Google OK with publishers stealing their content? For example, I wrote an affiliate article suggesting something for my mom. Can I copy the content of that article to write more articles maybe for a sister, wife, aunt or grandmother?”

Self impersonation?

The technical answer is that this is not plagiarism if you own the content. Meaning, you cannot impersonate yourself. John said “So I don’t know what the full definition of plagiarism is but it looks like if you’re using your own content it’s not really plagiarism, well at least the way I understand it.”

Will Google rank self-copied content?

But in terms of how Google handles the content you copy from one site to another, well, that may not be very good – but you can do whatever you want. He said, just tweaking a few words from content on one page and copying them to a new page or site probably won’t add much value and may not rank well. He said “From a Google point of view, if you take content from your website and publish it back with some page elements changed, that’s basically up to you. This is something where I’ve assumed in many cases that you’re not providing a great deal of value just by copying the existing article and change some of the words in it.

It’s probably not the best SEO strategy for you, John said “So my feeling is from a strategic point of view, you’d probably be better suited to write something unique and compelling for those topics or to create one article that kind of covers these different variations. So this is something like Kind of from a strategic point of view I would recommend it.”

But he said again, you can do whatever you want, adding, “But from a purely political point of view, I don’t think there’s anything specifically holding you back in taking individual articles and then writing, I don’t know, a bunch of copying that. So this is something like from A purely practical point of view, it’s kind of up to you. But my recommendations really make for fewer really good articles.”

Entrance pages

The only exception is if you do it with a portal page mentality. He said, “The extreme case here that can come up if you really want to copy your content extensively is that you end up creating portal pages and that is basically taking one piece of content and creating lots and lots of different variations of just the words in it. And this is something that would be against our webmaster guidelines so this is something to watch out for.This is also something where you create a lot of quality, really don’t know, less quality, no knowledge, I’d say roughly the spam pages of your website Which is basically like fluff that doesn’t offer any unique value in general. Rather than watering down your website content like that, I’d recommend focusing on creating the core content of your website a lot stronger instead. That’s kind of my recommendation there.”

His last point was “If you ask is Google OK with it? Well you can do whatever you want on your website but that doesn’t mean Google will appreciate it.”

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