Everything Southampton said before the busy transfer window

With the Sants approaching the final two games of the Premier League season, it’s not even fading away. The spark has not been lit for some time.

Sport Republic, and if he stays at the helm of the club, Ralph Hessenhuttl will face a crucial summer transfer window that opens in just over a month.

Saints usually didn’t move early in the windows, so supporters might have to wait until July or August to get the work done.

But the chiefs have provided regular hints and insight into what they are planning. Here’s everything they had to say in preparation for the 2022 summer transfer window.

CEO Martin Siemens


“So I think the most important thing is that we have a plan in place. We have a strategic plan – sitting at my desk in front of me and that’s what Sport Republic has bought and we’re going to keep going that way.

“So in the transfer window we will always do our way and you know that. But are we in a better position today than we were yesterday? Absolutely. It allows us to focus on the things we are already doing a little faster.

“I think, I heard you say, as I was watching, (Tino) Livramento is a really important one for us. Does that give us a chance to do one or two more? Yes, it is.”

“So I don’t think you’re going to see a huge change in operations, but does it leave us better than yesterday? Yes it is. We have found partners who have ambition for the future, but with a clear understanding of what Southampton represents and the direction we must go now.”

CEO Martin Siemens and Dragan Solak of Sport Republic and Henrik Kraft (pic: Stewart Martin)

Ralph Hessenhuttl

take the next step

“We will move earlier this season, that’s for sure. I think we have a squad at the moment where we have potential young players and they are going well.

“The question this summer will be how many young players we need or maybe some, I won’t say experienced players but players who give us something different as well.

“We have to balance it well and that is the goal of the summer. In the end, we are now back at the developing club which gives young players the chance to play. This is definitely useful for our summer transfer activities, the rest we will look at very carefully and see.”

He also said: “I think we have a relatively clear vision of what we want to do in the summer transfer window and what we want to do next season.

“And certainly I think it would be a little short of thought when you’re just looking at the performances in the last few games and everything was happening before it wasn’t very interesting.

“So we have players there, we scored some goals this season, and then, in the end, we didn’t have such a good run. Or players who went in the first half and weren’t very good but then showed up in the second half.

“So we have to be very careful about what we need next season and what do you trust to take the next step? Because that’s what we want to do next season.”

Daily Echo: Saints manager Ralph Hasenhuttl (Image: Stuart Martin)Saints director Ralph Hessenhuttl (Image: Stuart Martin)

Important players outside the contract

“There is a lot of competition for places, especially in the top 10, with everyone fit. The top scorers in this position are Moi (Illinossi) and Stewie (Armstrong). This position at the moment, is the most difficult in terms of jumping.

“This season we’ve always talked about the need for a bigger team and that definitely helps us through some tough times. Of course, there are also situations where the frustration is a little bit bigger because you don’t get the chance to play. That’s normal but you can be sure that in the summer we’ll try to find Solutions for everyone.

“No one needs to stay here if they don’t want to, but the deal in the end is that everyone has a contract here and while you’re here you have to do everything to help this club succeed, the staff, the players, everyone is here, and that’s the job we have to do.” do them.

“Summer is coming and we will talk about each position, find the decisions on what we want to do in the transfer market and what we will do with players who have not played much, if they want to leave.

“We haven’t told anyone in the past that they have to go, and we’ll try to find a win-win situation.”

The Daily Echo: Nathan Redmond's contract will expire in the summer of 2023 (Image: Stuart Martin)Nathan Redmond’s contract expires in the summer of 2023 (Image: Stuart Martin)

losing players

“Yes, it will be difficult if you lose players in the summer, it will be difficult if you lose your top scorer. It takes time to form a new team but this is the job you have to do if you want to be a manager of this club, because it will also happen in the future.

“This is normal in football, especially for us as a club. Ultimately, it is important that you keep working and keep finding solutions and that’s what we do every week.

“The effort we put in and the time we spend creating game plans, working with the players, improving them and showing what we can do best is, in the end, rewarding you for all the effort you put in and that is what it should be.”

Daily Echo: Danny Ings left for Aston Villa last summer (pic: PA)Danny Ings left for Aston Villa last summer (pic: PA)

James Ward Bruce

“He has a contract for another four years here, he is happy here, he is our captain and he will stay here.”

The Daily Echo: Saints captain James Ward-Prowse sacked £75m from Manchester links (Image: Sean Ryan)Saints captain James Ward-Prowse sacked £75m from Manchester ties (Image: Sean Ryan)

Armando Bruga

“Let’s have a look at what we will do next season. We will definitely have a good young group next season, anyway.

“At the moment it is not easy to negotiate with Chelsea. There is no doubt that I want him to stay here for another year. I know that it will be beneficial for him.”

Daily Echo: Loaned Armando Bruga could return to St. Mary's (Photo: Sean Ryan)Armando Broja on loan could return to St Mary’s (Photo: Sean Ryan)

Forrester freezer

“Sure, there are a lot of arguments for doing that (a new contract and I’m sure we’ll find a very good solution for the future.

“I was very happy with the way he was behaving when he had the opportunity to play and I think he took the opportunity with all his might. This is a very good argument for him for sure.”

The Daily Echo understands that no contact has been made with Forster regarding the new contract.

Daily Echo: Fraser-Forster's contract expires next month (Image: Stuart Martin)Fraser-Forster’s contract expires next month (Photo: Stuart Martin)

Are you targeting Premier League transfers?

“First we have to look at where we ended up in the schedule and then we can talk about what we are doing in the summer. You can be sure we have our eyes all over, and we will look at what we can do.”

Daily Echo: Watford and Norwich are already relegated to the tournament (pic: PA)Watford and Norwich have already been relegated to the tournament (pic: PA)

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