[2022 Updated]- Fake GPS location on the phone safely (Android and iOS)

You can create a fancy GPS location in different situations, either for enjoyment or other purposes. You may also want to change your location so that the dating app thinks you are hundreds of miles away, which is excellent if you’re about to relocate and want to start your dating life.

Additionally, GPS spoofing is always useful when playing a location-based game like Pokémon GO. For example, instead of driving hundreds of kilometers to get new Pokemon species, you might trick your phone into telling the game that you already exist, and the game will assume that your fictional location is accurate.

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Recently, I have faced many questions regarding iPhone spoofing. Like, how to fake location on iPhone or simulate GPS location on iPhone. This article will go into depth on these two questions by explaining the steps through which you can change GPS location on iPhone using a computer program or how you can change it on your Android device.

Change GPS location on iPhone using a computer program- doctor. Dr.Fone default location

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It is very difficult to fake GPS location on iPhone, unlike on Android device. Falsifying iPhone GPS location requires using certain computer software only if your iPhone is running IOS 12 and above. An iOS location changer like Dr.Fone Virtual Location makes it easy and secure to instantly transfer the GPS location of your iPhone or Android phone to anywhere in the world.

Available on both Windows and Mac, Dr.fone has been in operation for over fifteen years with over fifty million users and over 150 million downloads. Falsifying your iPhone’s GPS location with Dr.Fone involves the following procedure:

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Step 1: Start the download, then install and launch the program on your PC or Mac.

Step 2: Select the default location and click get started.

Step 3: In the pop-up window, specify your actual location on the provided map. If this location is inaccurate, click Center on to fix it.

The fourth step: Click the third upper right icon to activate teleportation mode and type the default location you want. Click Go.

Fifth step: Click Transfer here. Clicking Center On will direct you to your default location. Here you are.

You can also choose Dr.Fone to fake GPS location on your Android phone. But if you don’t want to download a computer program, you can try GPS Joystick. Just follow the steps below and you can quickly get it done with a GPS joystick.

Step 1: Get Fake GPS Location- GPS Joystick from Google Play Store

Step 2: Launch the fake location app and click select.

Step 3: Click Set location and select Click here to open the map. The map is useful when determining the default location. Map coordinates are usually shown in the latitude and longitude of the GPS joystick.

GPS location falsification

The fourth step: Click Start and select Go to Settings when prompted to change system settings.

Fifth step: Allow the app to hover over the other apps and select Start. You will be prompted to enable a mock location.

Sixth step: To enable the fake location, tap Go to settings in your phone settings.

Seventh step: Open About and select Build Number. Quickly tap on the build number until you are prompted to enter developer mode. Dismissing developer mode alerts.

Step 8: Click on Developer options in your phone settings and click on the Locate app emulation option.

Step 9: Select GPS Joystick and click Start.

Consider opening Google Maps to confirm if the mock location has been updated successfully as the update sometimes takes a few minutes.

GPS spoofing issues

While faking your site can be fun, it is not always practical. It’s also not as simple as turning on GPS spoofing, and not all apps that read your location work with it. In addition, other apps that want to use your actual location will also use the fake location if you install a fake GPS location app on your phone.

To use your navigation app to get directions, you will need to disable the location changer or set your starting location manually. Examples include logging into restaurants, updating your family’s location via GPS, and checking the weather. If you change your location on your phone, it will affect all location based apps.


This is! Above, you have different ways to fake your phone’s GPS location. The process is very simple and does not require much knowledge. GPS spoofing, or rather GPS location spoofing, is useful when playing location-based games, browsing anonymously, and browsing geo-locked content, among other things.

From this article, the various ways to fake GPS location in iPhone includes a computer program like Dr. Fone Virtual Location. The GPS location of the Android device can be faked by the Google Play Store app known as Fake GPS Location- GPS Joystick. Do you know other ways to fake a phone’s GPS location? Was it useful? Feel free to combine it with the methods described in this article.

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