What does the bear mean in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining?

There is no doubt that among Stanley Kubrick’s influential works, his 1980’s horror Gloss Still his most disturbing film, an atmospheric freak suggests that there’s something deeper running through the haunted floorboards of the Overlook.

Starring Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall, Kubrick’s film is adapted from a Stephen King novel, with the author famously opposed to the director’s vision, despite being considered an iconic film of the genre. in conversation with LimitKing said, “I think Gloss It’s a beautiful movie and looks great and like I said before, it’s like a big, beautiful Cadillac without an engine in it… I kept my mouth shut at the time, but I didn’t really care about it that much.”

Set in the high-rise fictional Overlook Hotel in the Colorado Rockies, it follows the story of Jack Torrance (Nicholson), his wife Wendy (Duval), and his son Danny (Danny Lloyd) who choose to look after the hotel during the winter. diminished by the towering presence of the building, however, Jack soon becomes engrossed in a sinister and violent presence, which affects his mood towards his wife and psychic son.

Shrouded in a bizarre mystery and baffling for movie fans for decades, one of the film’s darkest mysteries is the strange meaning behind the bear that shows Wendy to Shelley Duvall as she desperately escapes from Jack’s grasp. Looking at the figure through an open hotel room door, Wendy sees the person dressed as a bear having oral sex with another man lying on a bed at first.

Decrypt this baffling moment, game lovers Gloss He has long made references to the importance of bears throughout the film, with many references throughout the film each building on one possible interpretation.

While a framed picture of two teddy bears hanging above Danny’s bed can be seen at the beginning of the movie, the most obvious reference to the terrifying animals can be seen when the boy talks to the psychiatrist after he fainted in the bathroom. After he regained consciousness, Danny woke up to see his pants wrapped around his ankles as he lay on top of a large stuffed doll.

“Tony is a little kid living in my mouth,” says Danny, complaining about his state of mind, to which the doctor replies, “If you open your mouth, can I see Tony… did Tony ever ask you to do things?” “I don’t want to talk about Tony anymore,” Danny pauses, ending the conversation and the scene.

Filled with sexual allusions, this conversation bears many clues to the truth behind the relationship between Danny and his father and the images of the bear, with many suggesting that the animal is a symbol of Jack’s predatory control over his family and the sexual abuse of his son.

In addition to the sexual allusions to the doctor’s conversation, another scene in the film that adds to the mystery in question, takes place when hotel managers Stuart Ullman and Bill Watson approach Jack on the day of the Overlook closing. Jack is sitting in an armchair, reading the January 1978 issue of Playgirl magazine, a possible reference to his homosexuality as well as much more if you look closely.

The headlines for the 1978 issue include two main sections, which read as follows: “Incest: Why Parents Sleep With Their Babies,” and “How to Avoid a Dead-End Affair.” In any other film from any other director you can dismiss the information as mere coincidence, but Kubrick has a reputation for being a mystery, and clues and images scattered throughout each of his films lead to an even more hidden secret.

All of the above signs, and many more, point to the possibility that Jack may have sexually assaulted Danny, giving meaning to the child’s fragile mental state as he often has terrifying visions about the spacious hotel. Perhaps the Overlook is just a mental prison for Danny, with his own powers bringing his mother and father’s consciousness into order in order to address his sexual abuse.

When Shelley Duvall witnesses a bear having oral sex with another man, she experiences the true horror and cruelty of her husband’s actions toward her son, and moves before her eyes as a disturbing vision.

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