Microsoft Edge VPN

Microsoft Edge gets a VPN-like feature powered by Cloudflare

There is some good news for those who want to hide their online browsing activity and improve privacy when browsing the web because Microsoft Edge based on Chromium will get a built-in VPN service powered by Cloudflare with up to 1GB of monthly allowance for free.

The VPN service included in Microsoft Edge is called “Edge Secure Network” and it is similar to Opera’s no-logs VPN in that the browser does not track your online activities, which means that Edge will not log your activities in any way and will also prevent your ISP from Find your location or the sites you visit.

In a support document, Microsoft does not explicitly call the “Edge Secure Network” a VPN service, but the description makes it clear. For example, Microsoft’s documentation states that a browser’s built-in VPN or “secure network” will encrypt your Internet connection to protect your data.

This is possible because the browser sends your traffic through Cloudflare’s encrypted tunnel and the result is a secure connection even when you are browsing an unsecured webpage.

Use a service similar to Cloudflare VPN from Microsoft Edge

The company clearly wants more people to care about their online privacy and it is always convenient to have a VPN or a VPN-like service built in instead of having to download third-party services.

Edge Secure Network

As you can see in the screenshot above, turning on Edge’s Secure Network is very easy – you’ll find the option in the Edge context menu. Once turned on, it can monitor usage in the browser’s toolbar.

In addition to privacy, Edge’s Secure Network promises to make it difficult for hackers to access your browsing data. Because your traffic is routed through the Cloudflare network, Microsoft prevents ISPs from collecting your browsing data, including details about the sites you visit or the videos you watch.

Microsoft Edge VPN

Edge offers 1GB of free data each month and Microsoft wants you to sign in to a Microsoft account to use the service. At the moment, it seems that users will not be able to choose between virtual locations from all over the world. This means that you can appear from anywhere Cloudflare is available.

As you can see in the screenshot above, the Edge toolbar will alert users when they reach the 1GB limit. You can click the icon to learn more about the feature and when the data will be updated, but it doesn’t include any link to purchase additional data, indicating that the company is still evaluating pricing.

Although the main goal is to differentiate Edge from mainstream browsers like Chrome and make it more attractive, it’s possible that the company plans to charge money in the future, especially when we consider the 1GB limit.

Other Features Coming to Microsoft Edge

In addition to a built-in VPN, Microsoft Edge is also getting another visual update on Windows 11 with rounded corners for the tab bar and more.

Rounded Edge Tabs

Edge is constantly evolving in terms of features and design. As far as its design is concerned, Microsoft is taking steps to improve Edge on Windows 11. In the latest update, Edge has been updated with rounded tabs and Mica for the browser tab bar.

These visual improvements aren’t available to everyone, but they can be turned on from Browser Settings > Appearance tab. To try the update, make sure “Show experimental appearance settings” is enabled in the Edge menu: // flags.

Once it’s enabled, find and turn on two new options “Show Windows 11 visual effects” and “Use rounded corners for browser tabs” in Settings.

In addition, Edge also gets a new sidebar on the right side of the browser. This will allow users to access features such as MSN games, Outlook, Bing, and even web-based tools like Calculator.

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