Mastering SEO within Google’s SERPs [Podcast]

Google is always looking for ways to push the boundaries and make the search engine smarter.

Join me Dr. Pete Myers of Moz to talk about how to improve your site to better present itself within Google search results, including title tags, featured snippets, indented results, and other real estate opportunities in Google SERP.

If you want to rank higher in Google search results, this is the ring for you! Get insights that will help you improve your online visibility and give users the right information they need when searching.

There are more fluctuations, and it is difficult to determine any one thing. And now we have Google saying something like three to 4,000 changes a year. Ten a day on average. -doctor. Pete Myers, 9:00

I see more and more tendency to push people down from Google from broad informational queries to something more commercially feasible, something lower down the conversion funnel. Google is trying to direct you from fridge to freezer side by side in Chrome. So much so that ads will be more effective. -doctor. Pete Myers, 19:00

First of all, make sure that the new SEO KPI is on your phone team. It’s making sure someone is there to pick up the phone. – Lauren Baker, 42:10

[06:40] – What attracted Dr. Pete to Moz.
[08:59] – Are there more changes in Google Outlook?
[11:35] Changes in Google that positively affect site owners.
[16:32] Should SEO professionals learn to work within the Google ecosystem?
[23:21] Should you go for the hybrid approach of PPC and membership?
[25:15] Is Domain Authority a Google Scale or a Moz Scale?
[28:10] – How to determine the authority in the search.
[29:13] The difference between domain authority and page authority.
[31:06] If more trademarks are searched, do the unbranded terms also increase?
[37:57] What are the components of SEO that should not be overlooked?
[45:16] Changes made by Google that change the site owner or user behavior.
[52:23] Will SEO be left behind with Web 3.0?
[57:13] Is Google rotating the top 10 results?

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As long as there are places to find things, people who want to see things, and other people who want to find them, there will be SEO, look, shape. How it looks and how we do it will change. -doctor. Pete Myers, 53:11

I wanted Search Engine Magazine to be about search engines, not just about SEO, or paid search because I believe search engines are the glue that holds the internet together. Whatever site you’re browsing, you’ll have to find what you’re looking for. So there’s SEO and paid search for everything. – Lauren Baker 55:22

I don’t think we understand how much things have changed. As you know, it’s not just Google mode switching, the world is changing, our intent changes from day to day as new information emerges. -doctor. Pete Myers, 1:01:28

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When you want to know what’s going on with Google, Dr. Pete has your back! He spends his days working as a marketing scientist at Moz in Seattle. His work includes monitoring changes made by algorithms from periods spanning 2002 until today – so trust us when we say this guy knows his stuff!

In addition to being a computer scientist, Dr. Pete is also a psychologist and entrepreneur! After developing to start the action in his early years, he joined Moz. In his day to day responsibilities, he works with the Marketing and Data Science teams to develop data-driven product and content research.

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