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Are you annoyed by the progress made by CCleaner, which has become much more professional? subordinate crap music cThe leaner has been “blessing” its consumer community for decades with advertising, marketing, and complementary options that have no place in a pure registry and file system cleanup. Although CCleaner’s comprehensive autorun manager and long-running plugin management with installed browsers are undoubtedly welcome, some users end up getting entertained when looking for the recently included improvements: an updated software and launcher driver. Both are subject to a fee and can be tried at no cost, but those people for whom you shouldn’t have to pay anything will undoubtedly be at risk. Promotion popups and the simple fact that CCleaner starts up a bit slow, especially when you first open it, will in all likelihood lead to an extra aggravation, which with tweaking software should essentially establish a good explanation in terms of pace. . .

You get a very good alternative with HD Cleaner. The app comes from programmer Kurt Zimmermann, who shows great admiration for detail in his apps and implements plenty of functions and options that cater to even the most extreme needs. HDCleaner does its job a bit like CCleaner: the functionality goes beyond what the definition claims. In addition to clearing the data bus, the free program can do a great deal more. On the other hand, there is no promotion to bother you and all the built-in functions can be used without ordering.

Download HDCleaner Portable Home

HDCleaner launched in new model: 2.013

HDCleaner: Features in a look

HDCleaner displays critical laptop knowledge on its property website. The analysis performed on this splash screen reveals regardless of whether the hardware/software configuration is accurate or not.

Kurt Zimmermann allows Windows major and programming skills to stream to HDCleaner and TweakPower. Everyone who’s subscribed to this hottest plan will know, shortly after the fleeting induction period, that it’s a jack of all trades. HDCleaner is also a jack of all trades: it has useful overlays with TweakPower. On the home site, HDCleaner tells you, regarding its sister program, how widespread unwanted knowledge is currently in the PC and what is the problem with your PC. Data on “Device performance and stopping”, “Middle of security”, “Payment difficult status” and “Program startup and shutdown” will continue to keep you updated. If necessary, you can get a warning from Security Middle if there is a problem, this type of Windows Home Firewall is disabled or User Account Management (UAC) youHe is ANinvoice corganization) are available. After switching to the Security Center, you will also see the antivirus and antispyware programs that have been set up.

Clicking on the image of the Three Breeds/hamburger in the best remaining image will open a category checklist that allows you to navigate to the various sections of the program. Follow up units available:

  • summary
  • cleaning process
  • knowledge destruction
  • to treat
  • HDD
  • Hardware
  • Registration
  • control
  • protection center
  • Complementary properties

Much faster: the greatest tuning machines

The “summary” We have now encapsulated this in the previous writing paragraph. under “Clear” You will find Browser Cleaner, Tech Cleaner, Plugin Cleaner and Registry Cleaner. With the mouse, simply click on “Scan Now”, you allow the modules to scan for junk. You can use the Options website link (current for each of the four factors) to see in detail where the app appears. There is also an option to “Run Trim on all SSDs immediately after cleaning”. The functionality can give a forever boost in SSD functionality creation. You can check out more about the TRIM command in the post “SSD: TRIM Command Speeds Up Pc: This Is How It Turns”. In testing with Windows 11, HDCleaner also checked for traces of Online Explorer, even though IE was no longer on board (bootable) as distinguished for Windows 10 and before system releases. HDCleaner detected (very marginally) IE information. In our reviews, CCleaner and HDCleaner both identified around 300MB of unwanted data, so they scanned it effectively. As far as the registry cleaner goes, HDCleaner has been a bit ahead, getting more and more unnecessary registry entries and offering to remove (11 vs. 6). Only one of the orphaned registry entries was a match, after cleaning the main windows with HDCleaner, CCleaner no longer found this content item (and saw us 5 ineffective keys in the method databases).

The “Data destruction” Rather reminiscent of O&O SafeErase in the phrases tiles provided by the various submodules. HDCleaner offers “permanently delete information”, “no-cost home overwrite on partition” (a potential alternative to Windows Cipher command-line tool), “overwrite all facts on partition” and “delete media from data without damage (SSD, create Hard, stick…”).

Kurt Zimmermann's HDCleaner gets an update: an improved Windows cleaner

The tiled interface is reminiscent of Windows 8 (.1) and Windows 10 with their start menus. Slicing features can be found in this component of the GUI.

location “method” It includes an uninstaller that lists courses, updates, and apps from the Home windows Retail Store and will allow you to uninstall them. Very similar to both CCleaner and Ashampoo WinOptimizer, and distinct from Revo Uninstaller, which is very conveniently configured here, unfortunately there is no grant to clean up uplink and uninstall. If the leftovers continue to continue removing the program, those who care about cleanliness should use HDCleaner’s internal registry cleaner manually.

In addition to the uninstaller, there is an automatic manager in the “Action” section. The versatility of its features regularly exceeds the sector: it is usually set to disable and sometimes eradicate cross-launch applications, and HDCleaner likes rare solutions to delay and even delay computing operations. . You can control scheduled jobs from the Windows Scheduled Responsibilities, System Solutions, and Autorun Admin context menu on their individual tabs. If necessary, you can intervene to maximize the speed. Disabling context menu entries (shell extensions) by disabling or removing them from time to time promotes process balance.

For companies, the startup type can be modified and even deletion can be performed. The homepage window providers (products and services.msc) admin does not handle the latter. This is especially useful for professional buyers who know exactly what they are doing. HDCleaner also understands how System Restore organizes backups and optimizes their options. BHO (B.paddle hailber Bothobjects) manages its own single module: Listed here one thinks primarily of Internet Explorer, HDCleaner also features other web browsers around the world (Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome) in an overview of related plugins.

Kurt Zimmermann's HDCleaner gets an update: an improved Windows cleaner

The Windows paging file can hardly be configured with any mod resource, but in this article it can be achieved. Improvement Keep sticking your fingers out without much justification.

less “HDD” You will come across a “DiskDoctor” (really hard travel bug fix), a defragmentation tool, and several utilities to monitor memory hogs, LNK info, and duplicate files. Program-qualified paging file box where you can configure the main Windows column for the exact address. This certainly isn’t going to carry a creative speed gain, but it’s really great for individuals who like to do their best when tuning into the method. The C:pagefile.sys swap file alias is used when RAM is missing and slows it down, but it’s important for running computers with small developed RAM (the number of applications that invoke the file regardless of computer memory). configuration, that is, even with a large amount of RAM). HDCleaner gives you the ability to move the paging file to a different batch. On my scan with Windows 10/11, this didn’t work correctly.

Manually delete unnecessary files

Scan Windows and make it faster with created tools

HDCleaner also has a junk data scanner that tracks and removes TMP and other unwanted information. How to get free disk space. In the beginning, you specify the models for which you want the purpose of research. CCleaner does not provide this freedom. Most of the themes seem intended to make realization, along with renaming data files according to a selectable scheme and ad-scanner – the simple fact that Adobe Flash Player can be completely cleaned feels like a mothball. unit for ANgraduate Drlink certainlyHowever, treams queries NTFS drives for magic formula facts streams that act as a data-enriching cloaking area, but also sometimes as a malware vulnerability. If you want to know more about ads, you can study a tutorial about them.

Conclusion on HDCleaner: Good for the most part, small capture

HDCleaner cleans hard drives and SSDs very carefully and reliably. In the check below Windows 11 it occasionally collapsed, but the balance was essentially disguised. If you’re looking for a powerful tool, you’ll get one special: HDCleaner maintains commercial cycles to improve the process. The tool is only limitedly suitable as different from the recognized answers like CCleaner, as it takes some teaching to work with.

The name “HDCleaner” belittles it: on the one hand, it’s more of a set of processes. On the other hand, the application adjusts not only HDD (hard drives, as well as hard drives, which are also hard drives, synonymous with hard drives), but also hard drives. When it comes to key efficiency, and fact dumping, I like the simple fact that you can use the context menu to move selected trash to the Recycle Bin, skip it, or delete it with the support of shredding methods. Immediately after cleaning unwanted information, defragmentation is recommended – the utility applies it to hard drives and SSDs. CCleaner does not offer that. If you want to defrag using the competitiveness of CCleaner (Piriform), you must combine CCleaner with Piriform Defraggler for equivalent performance, however you will not get the TRIM of HDCleaner in this suite.

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