Some of the best Apple Arcade games to try in 2022

Whether you just bought the new M1 iPad Air, iPhone SE, or any other Apple product with a screen, you probably got a three-month Apple Arcade free trial. If you are just thinking about trying out this gaming service or planning to come back to it, here are some of the best games that you can enjoy right now.

Apple Arcade features over 200 original games. Last year, Apple added a batch of “iOS classic” games, bringing Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, and many other games to new life thanks to a subscription service. Being a fan of Apple Arcade, these are the games I can’t stop playing.

mini highways

This is an arcade game from Apple all about drawing roads that support a growing city. As the game developer says “Build a network of roads, one road at a time, to create a bustling city. Redesign your city to keep traffic flowing, and carefully manage upgrades to meet changing demands.”

But what impresses me the most is that the app is always updated by the developers. There’s a new Challenge Mode, more maps than ever, and even new and improved color blindness options. You can download the game here.

Alto’s Adventure: Mountain Spirit

For those who love Alto adventures, developer Snowman recently released a modified version of the first game for Apple Arcades. When you join Alto and his friends on this endless snowboarding journey, new and existing players will have the opportunity to rescue a fugitive llama, grind rooftops, and jump over a terrifying rift, all while facing ever-changing elements and searching for secrets hidden within the long-held mountain.

This game introduces 20 new objectives beyond the original, a new series of never-before-seen static pieces, and all the beauty of the game combined with fully dynamic lighting and weather effects. You can download the game here.


Grindstone looks like an Apple Arcade game similar to Candy Crush. I can’t get enough of the addictive stages, increasing difficulty between levels, and endless updates with more content to explore.

Grindstone is a sword slashing puzzle battle game. Users can choose their weapons, potions, and more at this Apple Arcade title:

It will take sharp puzzle skills and a sharper blade to make your way through the bloodthirsty swarms of crawling that live inside the dungeons of Grindstone. Battle bosses, loot resources, and discover long-lost blueprints to get powerful gear, all while ripping through the guts of your deadly enemies! Now with over 200 levels of intense puzzle-fighting frenzy!

You can download it here.

Badland Party

If you love the Badland franchise, you will definitely love this online multiplayer experience – which you can also take advantage of on your own, if you want to. In this Apple Arcade game, you’ll need to survive through multiple new worlds, eliminate gigantic machines in boss battles, cooperate to solve multiplayer puzzles, roll, fly, swim and dive into the lush Badland world and help save. clones.

Since I’m just getting started, I have to say I’m glad to experience the Badland match again. With easy-to-access controls and frequent checkpoints, all users can have a great time at this address. You can download the game here.

Monument Valley 2+

Another franchise I’ve always loved is Monument Valley. The possibility of revisiting one of the best titles ever produced for iOS is astounding. Embark on this mother and child’s journey through magical architecture, discovering illusory paths, and exploring stunning environments while manipulating the architecture to guide them on their way.

Whether it has been since the last time you played this game or you are trying it for the first time, this is definitely one of the Apple Arcade titles to try. You can download it here.

The conclusion of Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade Controllers

There are over 200 games available on Apple Arcade, and these are just five of the games I’ve enjoyed lately.

How’s your experience with Apple Arcade so far, what are your favorite titles? Share your thoughts in the comments section.


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