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The first film festival will be held in Easthampton from May 26-29; Films from local, national and international filmmakers to be shown

Filmmakers from the Bay State, across the country and around the world will screen their films at the inaugural Easthampton Film Festival later this month.

Eastampton families, film lovers and inspiring filmmakers will be able to sit back and watch independent films at select venues in Easthampton from May 26-29.

Tickets for the short documentary series The Abandoned Brewery on May 26 and “Horror Short” features at the New City Brewery on May 27.

There are still tickets available for feature films and shorts that will be shown from Saturday 28 May to Sunday 29 May.

Tickets for the rest of the films are selling out quickly, and tickets can be purchased here, curators said.


Three movie series will be shown at the Marigold Theater located at 84 Cottage Street in Easthampton, on Saturday, May 28.

The Marigold Theater in Easthampton, one of the venues for the Easthampton Film Festival.

Screenings of the “All Ages” short films begin at 11 am, and the following films will be shown on Saturday mornings:

  • “Early Birds” by Cole Stevenson
  • Keeping Time by Kate Way and Dina Mac
  • “Change Song” by Gordon David Labige
  • “Art for All” by Jason Mazzuta
  • “On/Off” by Nicolas Villarreal

Two feature films will be shown at 1 p.m. at the Marigold Theater on Saturday, May 28.

The showrunners said the first film, “Just Say Goodbye” by Matt Walting, is a drama that touches on a number of topics, including suicide and the ways it affects the individual, family, friendships and society.

Filmmakers, including the director, some actors, writers, and crew will attend to provide a behind-the-scenes experience of making the film. They will also answer any questions from audience members.

MONTAUK77 is the second feature-length movie to be shown on Saturday. The film is said to be a passionate family collaborative project by director Mike Scully and his teenage daughter Michaela.

The makers of the show said Scully and Michela wrote the movie together and starred in the title role. Scully’s wife and brother Michaela are also in the movie, and the whole family will be on the show to give a behind-the-scenes experience after the show.

Tickets for the Saturday movie series can be purchased here.


During the festival’s final day on Sunday, May 29, a short film series and a feature film will be shown.

The “Eclectic Pants” show will be presented at Luthier’s Co-Op, at 128 Cottage St. 1:00 p.m. on Sunday.

The following shorts will be offered:

  • How to be Isabel Bernal
  • “The Cemetery” by Ali Reza Baiji
  • “Bingo Bitch” by Alex Papachristou
  • All Marbles by Melissa McClung
  • “John L black midi” by Nina McNeely
  • “The Spinning Cycle” by Guy Clemente
  • “Niagara Moon – Eat Peach” by Jason Mazzuta and David Newland
  • “The Fawns – Sun” by The Fawns & Jason Mazzotta
  • Mark Mulcahy – Taking Small Steps by Jason Mazzuta
  • “Taken” by Travis Joba
  • “Wolf Toon” Lauren Cook and Nathan Pansion
  • “Just a Stump” by Faraz Arif Ansari

“The Answer,” directed by Wade Wofford, will be presented at the Marigold Theater on Sunday. The show’s makers said the film explores the diverse dynamics of modern male friendship in a way that appears more commonly with predominantly female actors. The movie is said to be heartbreaking, shocking and funny. Several members of the production team will be at Marigold to discuss what this movie means to them and the challenges they faced while making it.

Visit the Easthampton Film Festival website for more information on the upcoming event.

The makers of the Easthampton Film Festival are considering adding additional screenings in the summer.

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