ORWO is producing its first new 35mm film in 50 years!

May 6 2022

German film company ORWO has revealed that it is in the process of producing its first new 35mm photographic film in 50 years, starting with WOLFEN NP100 black and white negative film, which is expected to ship in June 2022.

ORWO commented on their website, WOLFEN NP100 is a 100 ASA ultra-fine photographic film, 36 exposures, black and white photography. This is one of the first completely new, professionally finished picture films that the company has released in decades, and is still proudly produced in Bitterfeld-Wolfen on the original site where film making has been a tradition since 1910.”

ORWO’s historic return to 35mm film production is just the latest in a string of announcements about new films, including the return of the Kodak GOLD 200 in 120 format, the release of CineStill 400Dynamic and news of the first all-new slide film since 2005.

ORWO WOLFEN NP100 Film scheduled to ship in June 2022

ORWO WOLFEN NP100 Film scheduled to ship in June 2022

Limited production run

The WOLFEN NP100 was supplied in an extremely limited range of 36,000 strips (from 36 exposures) and is now packaged in industry standard DX-coded steel cases on ORWO “A brand new finishing line.”

WOLFEN NP100 film differs from WOLFEN UN54 black-and-white film – which, according to ORWO, is a ‘legendary cut out of rolls of cinematic film’ – in that it has an additional pigmented anti-degradation coating.

This layer is placed between the base material and the emulsion layer and has the task of preventing the formation of a reflection halo. This is said to improve the sharpness of the image.

WOLFEN NP100 is said to be suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

Instagram ad

According to an announcement on ORWO’s official Instagram account – ORWO Film Official:orwofilm – On social media, you can find new and old photographers shooting expired rolls of original ORWO movies like NP15, NP20, and NP27. These films still do great despite their expiration dates being during the 70’s! This community inspired us to produce an all-new “NP” addition to this world-famous collection of picture films.

Photo taken on ORWO WOLFEN NP100, which appears on the ORWO website

Photo taken on the ORWO WOLFEN NP100, which appears on the ORWO website. Photo: Courtesy ORWO


ORWO also revealed that it will soon introduce the WOLFEN NP400 film with more information and datasheets. ‘Available soon.’

WOLFEN NP400 will be 400 ASA photographic film and 36 exposures in black and white and is also expected to ship from June 2022 onwards.

The new WOLFEN NP100 and NP400 films are part of a new era in ORWO history, following the management’s financial restructuring in February 2022 to fend off the rumored threat of bankruptcy.

At the time of the restructuring, ORWO issued a statement saying: This is a whole new and incredibly exciting chapter in ORWO’s rich history, and we’re so excited about developing the company and brand we’re all so excited about. Welcome to the analog revolution.

After WOLFEN’s two negative black and white films, ORWO plans to release a color film in July 2022.

Sample of outdoor photo taken on ORWO WOLFEN NP100

Sample of outdoor photo taken on ORWO WOLFEN NP100. Photo: Courtesy ORWO


ORWO was founded in 1909 in Wolfen, Germany, as a subsidiary of the AGFA, so it has a history of making films for more than a century.

To learn more about the company and its products, go to the ORWO website.

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