Long-Range Box Office Expectations: 11 Thrilling Post-Summer Movies Previewed at CinemaCon

Image credits: Sony/TriStar (“The Woman King”); Warner Bros. (“Don’t Worry Baby”); 20th Century Studios (“Amsterdam”); Global (“M3GAN”)

Typically, this report highlights the early box office tracking of a new movie four weeks after release. With no large-scale releases on the calendar for June 3, though, this week offers an opportunity to get an early look at what’s beyond summer.

In late April, studios gathered at CinemaCon to showcase their upcoming roster through the end of 2022 (and some brief glimpses at 2023 titles). The usual suspects were on hand and were often the focus, but much of the debate about the pandemic’s market recovery over the past year has also centered around moviegoers returning to so-called “low to medium” films.

As such, this week’s far-reaching report tentatively breaks with tradition and highlights eleven no-prop films previewed at the industry conference that are worth watching when they release after the summer of 2022 and early 2023.

Release dates are in flux, of course, as studios will likely change some of these films before release. Although, at first glance, each one was distinguished by the advantages of its own content.

Meanwhile, the latest tracking ranges for upcoming releases such as fire starterAnd Downton Abbey: A New EraAnd Top Gun: MaverickAnd Bob Burger found in the chart below. Regular tracking reports resume next week with an outlook for June 10 Jurassic World Dominion.

with the list:

a lot safe
Warner Bros. Pictures
September 9, 2022

The latest adaptation of a Stephen King classic arrives in what was a profitable early fall on Warner Bros. and horror movies calendar this September. The trailer has received largely positive reviews and should appeal to fans of the latest He. She Movies. Such a two-part component, this is the first time a lot safe It was adapted into a theatrical film.

Are you with God? I’m Margaret
September 16, 2022

Another quote from a beloved novel, Margaret It seems to strongly appeal to women of all ages with co-star Rachel McAdams anchoring the classic Judy Bloom story. With the return of adult women to movie theaters still progressing through the late stages of the pandemic, this movie could be in good shape with a fall release and plenty of fan-attraction built in.

the king woman
Sony / Tristar Pictures
September 16, 2022

The first trailer drew quite a buzz from CinemaCon attendees, and anticipation for Viola Davis’ performance is a big part of that. The film’s historical slant could spark diverse mainstream appeal, especially if the film is able to garner any kind of awards season buzz.

do not worry my love
Warner Bros. Pictures
September 23, 2022

Follow Olivia Wilde, directing director of Box Mart It presents a mystery drama/thriller led by Florence Poe, Harry Styles, and Chris Pine. This will definitely be an adult-oriented movie, which may also benefit from the approaching awards season if reception is strong.

two brothers
Universal Pictures
September 30, 2022

Billy Eichner leads what has been announced as the first major supporting LGBTQ+ cast in a Hollywood movie. Directed by Nicholas Stoller (NeighbourAnd Forgetting Sarah Marshall), the movie’s first trailer offers plenty of sassy comedy and a personal story at the heart of a movie that could stand out this fall.

Heaven ticket
Universal Pictures
October 21 2022

George Clooney and Julia Roberts meet again eleventh ocean Days in this romantic comedy about a divorced couple on a journey with their daughter. The early footage evoked the kind of mainstream classic appeal that both actors have perfected throughout their careers, making this other comedies worth keeping on the radar.

Twentieth Century Studios
November 4, 2022

Its title revealed for the first time at CinemaCon directed by David O. Russell’s (Living Silver PlaybookAnd American blackmailThe Next Project features Christian Bale, Margot Robbie, Anya Taylor-Joy, John David Washington, and Robert De Niro on the cast of comedy and mystery dramas. It’s easy to imagine this having commercial appeal and interest this awards season with its cast and talent involved, and its release close to the holidays.

violent night
Universal Pictures
December 2, 2022

There’s no shortage of Christmas movies, but this movie has the potential of a new cult classic based on the early trailer shown at CinemaCon. Led by David Harbor (Weird things), the latest holiday R movie should seriously appeal to fans of movies like Nobody and the John Wick Franchise business.

paramount pictures
January 6, 2023 (at wide)

Another film director’s next project is highlighted with a trailer for Damien Chazelle (no no landAnd injury) else. The film is led by a period lead cast of cast anchored by Brad Pitt, Olivia Wilde and Margot Robbie and will be shown over the holidays for award consideration before moving across the country in January 2023. The film appears to be Hollywood-centric in its subject matter and setting, so it will be interesting to see how much interest prevails. Which can be generated by his hypothesis and put forward among the masses.

Universal Pictures
January 13, 2023

Blumhouse returns with another original horror movie co-written by James Wan (vileAnd Sorcerystarring Alison WilliamsGet out). This is another spot on the calendar that has been healthy for mid- to low-end horror movies in recent years, and the first look offered what could be described as talk of artificial intelligence and childhood dolls. Think baby playfor a new generation.

Lion’s heart
Sony Movies / AFFIRM
April 7, 2023

This movie about legendary boxer George Foreman, in which Forest Whitaker appears, is about a year away. However, the first shots suggest that Sony and AFFIRM could have an inspiring film on a large scale based on faith with an intriguing storyline for a sports icon at its heart. Opening on the Easter holiday may be a lucrative game.

Office of the Fund’s long-term forecast and calendar 2022
(as of 5/5/22)

release day Title 3 Days (FSS) Low / High Range Opening Determine the percentage of changes from last week Gross Domestic Low/High Band Determine the percentage of changes from last week Estimated site number distributor
13/5/2022 fire starter 6,000,000 USD – 10,000,000 USD -6% 12,000,000 – 25,000,000 dollars -5% 3300 Universal Pictures
5/20/2022 Downton Abbey: A New Era 16,000,000 – 21,000,000 dollars $45,000,000 – $65,000,000 3100 Focus Features
5/20/2022 men not available A 24
27/5/2022 Bob Burger $7,000,000 – $12,000,000 14,000,000 – 30,000,000 dollars Disney / Twentieth Century Studios
27/5/2022 Top Gun: Maverick $95,000,000 – $125,000,000 255.000.000 – 375.000.000 dollars paramount pictures
6/3/2022 Eiffel Blue Fox Entertainment
6/3/2022 Foreman IFC . movies

All of the above numbers represent best and worst case scenarios for how each movie is tracked at the moment based on current market conditions and expected model volatility prior to release. These are not final predictions.

Select opening weekend and local total forecast available exclusively to Boxoffice PRO customers. For more information on expectations, pricing and availability, please contact us.

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