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How to Reinstall Wi-Fi Drivers in Windows 11/10 PC 2022 Tip

This tutorial is about how to reinstall Wi-Fi drivers in Windows 11/10 PC. We will do our best to make you understand this guide. I hope you like this blog How to Reinstall Wi-Fi Drivers on Windows 11/10 PC. If your answer is yes, please share after reading this.
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Check How to Reinstall Wi-Fi Drivers on Windows 11/10 PC

If your computer is unable to connect to Wi-Fi or disconnects from the connected Wi-Fi hotspot intermittently, this is most likely caused by a damaged or faulty wireless adapter driver. In most cases, all Wi-Fi related issues can be resolved by reinstalling the Wi-Fi driver. However, before reinstalling the Wi-Fi driver, we recommend running the network adapter troubleshooter because it can help you troubleshoot the problem with just a few clicks. With every update, Microsoft Windows 10 comes with high-quality drivers and automatically updates your device drivers if you don’t disable them. If you have already prevented Windows Automatic Update from updating drivers, it is recommended that you install a third-party application to update your computers drivers.

How to reinstall Wi-Fi drivers on Windows 11/10 computers

Reinstall Wi-Fi Driver in Windows 11/10 using Windows Updates

Microsoft includes critical system updates from third-party vendors with Windows Updates. You can download and install it from the Settings app. Heres how to do it.

  • Press Win + I to open Settings.
  • Open the Windows Updates tab in the left panel.
  • Click Check for updates. Windows will now check for missing system updates and download the wireless driver update for your Wi-Fi adapter. This is an automatic process, so please wait for the installation to complete.

Manually reinstall the Wi-Fi driver from the manufacturer’s website

You can also download and install the latest version of the Wi-Fi driver from the manufacturer’s website. For example, if you are using an Intel Wi-Fi adapter, you can download the latest drivers from the Intel Download Center. The steps below are specific to the Intel Wi-Fi adapter driver, but the steps generally apply to all Wi-Fi adapter vendors. To download a Wi-Fi driver package:

  • Go to the Intel Download Center page.
  • Type your Wi-Fi adapter model number into the search bar to find all drivers.
  • Click Windows 10 and Windows 11 Wi-Fi drivers for Intel Wi-Fi adapters in the search results.
  • Click the Download button to download the Wi-Fi driver package.
  • Run the installer and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.
  • This is. You should now have the latest version of the Wi-Fi driver on your computer.
  • To check the driver version, open Device Manager, right-click your Wi-Fi adapter, and click Properties. Next, open the Drivers tab to check the driver version.

Uninstall Wi-Fi Driver in Windows 11

An easy way to remove your Wi-Fi controller is through Device Manager. You can use Device Manager to troubleshoot Windows driver problems, view driver information, and more. To uninstall the wireless driver:

  • Press Win + R to open Run.
  • Type devmgmt.msc and click OK to open Device Manager.
  • In Device Manager, expand the Network adapters section.
  • Right-click on your wireless controller and select Properties. Depending on your computer manufacturer, you may have Intel or another wireless driver.
  • In the properties window, note the name of the Wi-Fi adapter and the version of the driver. This is an optional step, but the information is useful if you want to download the driver for manual reinstallation.
  • Click OK to close the properties window.
  • In Device Manager, click View > Devices by Controller. This will list all devices by consoles.
  • Right-click on the oem20.inf driver package (netwtw08.inf) for the Wi-Fi device and select Delete driver software.
  • Here select Uninstall this driver on any device it is currently using and try to force removal of this driver while it is still being used by hardware options.
  • Click “Remove” to uninstall the driver. This process may take a few seconds to complete.

Final Words: How to Reinstall Wi-Fi Drivers on Windows 11/10 PC

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