Do you have an Android phone? These are the best smartwatches for you

The Android smartphone market is chock-full of products, and it’s no wonder that it chooses smartwatches. The perfect accessory for your smartphone, there’s an Android smartwatch option for every lifestyle and budget, from wearables that deliver notifications and basic fitness stats to luxury smartwatches that are worthy of replacing a collectible mechanical watch.

I’ve been testing Android smartwatches regularly since 2015, when Android Wear (Google’s Android-based smartwatch platform) products first started gaining mainstream popularity. After years of updates, the tech giant’s smartwatch platform is rocking the Wear OS moniker, but its general look, feel and functionality have remained closely tied to Android.

In addition to the ever-growing selection of Wear OS watches, you can browse a selection of smartwatches of different designs and functionality levels, all compatible with Which Android phone. To determine the best smartwatches to pair with your Android phone, we vetted the best Wear OS offerings and compatible products by Fitbit, Garmin, and Withings, to name a few of the industry leaders.

Best Android Smart Watches


What to consider

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Discovering the scenarios in which you plan to use your Android smartwatch and assessing how often you plan to use it is a critical step in determining which one is best for your needs. If you are looking to significantly reduce your phone interactions, I highly recommend a product running Google Wear OS. This Android OS integration is comparable to the great synergy between iPhone and Apple Watch. It allows you to keep tabs on all of your phone’s notifications, send messages, launch apps, summon a virtual assistant, among many other tasks – all from the comfort of your wrist.

Smartwatches without Wear OS will still keep your notifications in place, but their additional functionality will vary depending on the product and platform. Depending on the manufacturer and platform, these tools may offer limited or no interactions on touch screens — but these products still deserve your attention with other great features like superior battery life and more detailed sets of health and fitness tracking features.

You will need to install a companion app to start using each smartwatch in this list. For Wear OS devices, you’ll need the Google app with the same name. Smartwatches with different platforms have apps from their makers.

Track fitness and health

Since it’s the heart rate sensors that allow you to track your basic activity trends, it’s pretty much a mandatory feature on a smartwatch to look for. Even the budget-friendly products we picked for this list have a bit of hardware. More expensive watches usually offer more advanced features such as electrocardiogram (ECG) capabilities and blood oxygen monitoring.


Every smartwatch worth buying has an IP rating for water resistance, and as you might assume, a higher rating indicates better durability. If you plan to swim with your next smartwatch regularly, look for a watch that is water-resistant to at least 30 metres. Products with an IP standard rating may not be able to withstand prolonged exposure to liquids.

Battery life

Smartwatches with touchscreens and Google Wear OS on board have a shorter battery life than their alternatives, so you’ll have to charge them daily or every other day, just like the Apple Watch. Given the touchscreen interface and the features that Wear OS offers, I firmly believe it’s an easy trade-off worth making.


With the exception of Fitbit products with proprietary band connectors, every smartwatch we picked is customizable via standard 20 and 22mm watch straps. Always check the handle width of your tool before shopping for a new belt or harness.

Similar to the experience of buying an Android phone, spending more money on a smartwatch will get you better hardware and build quality, more features, and in some cases, luxury brand credentials. Find your phone’s best friend by investing in one of the highly researched Android smartwatches below.

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