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Alexa voice data sold for ad, Ive’s exit from Apple, and more on AppleInsider’s podcast

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In this week’s AppleInsider Podcast, your hosts talk about how developers can apply to attend WWDC in person, check out a behind-the-scenes look at YouTube’s Fitness + studio, discuss Amazon’s sale of Alexa voice data to over 40 ad partners, and more.

Starting May 9, 2022, existing Apple developers can apply to attend a special in-person event on June 6 at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Details remain scant as to what attendees will actually experience in person. However, the invitation states that attendees will watch the keynote speech and State of the Union videos alongside Apple engineers and experts – as well as explore the all-new Developer Hub.

Then YouTube creator iJustine toured the Apple Fitness+ studio in Santa Monica, California. I interviewed VP of Fitness Jay Blahnik and several Fitness+ trainers about the planning, rehearsals, and production process for Fitness+ exercises.

Perhaps less impressive, as Amazon recently confirmed the edge Voice data from Alexa interactions is shared with third-party advertisers. For Shared, read Sold.

According to new research from Cornell University, this type of audio data leads to “30 times more ad views than advertisers.” This is by no means the reason why smart speaker brand Sonos has announced that its voice assistant is in a software update coming next month.

Finally, the The New York Times He published an article based on Tripp Mickle’s book After Steve: How Apple Became a Trillion Dollar Company and Lost Its Soul. It describes the frustration Jony Ive reportedly experienced when CEO Tim Cook made several changes within Apple.

The book claims that Ive believes design has taken a back seat to the company’s features and performance, resulting in increasingly utilitarian designs. He’s looking at you, Mac Studio.

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  • Apple shows how Star Wars 280 audio artists use their Mac
  • Developers can apply to attend the WWDC event in person starting May 9
  • The YouTuber took a rare tour of the Apple Fitness + . studios
  • Apple Fitness+ executives talk about service ambition and a post-pandemic future
  • Apple’s first retail store consortium will get an employee vote on June 2
  • Sonos launched its privacy-focused voice assistant in June
  • Report shows Amazon is using data from Alexa smart speakers to serve targeted ads – The Verge
  • 1Password 8 Runs Faster and Redesigned for Mac with Improved Catalogs and AutoFill
  • Keychain, LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane, Nordpass: Keep your passwords safe
  • Apple clarifies terms for App Store app removal, extends update deadline to 90 days
  • Young film director awarded “Dream Studio Makeover” by Apple
  • A foldable iPhone isn’t the future, but a foldable iPad or MacBook might be
  • Former Apple CEO Tony Fadell shares iPod and iPhone development details
  • Apple considered the edge-to-edge iPod nano screen years before the iPhone X
  • Jony Ive exits Apple due to company culture changes and growing frustration

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