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Thirteen years after the introduction of cryptocurrency, there are now more than 2,000 cryptocurrencies in circulation. Along with this concept the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was introduced. Bitcoin has seen its value rise by at least 100% annually. It has been a pioneer of its kind since its inception. There are many offers online for Bitcoin so you can learn how this digital finance tool works as well as how to use it for your small business and personal life.

Popular Bitcoin Courses

Below is a list of popular online bitcoin courses.

Bitcoin 101 – Complete Introduction to Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Crypto

Bitcoin 101 is a course designed for beginners that explains the basics of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology. The course also covers the 8 basics of Bitcoin, how you can buy and store Bitcoin including tax implications if any. Finally, the course shows you the methods of price forecasting and the evidence that supports them.

Bitcoin: advanced level transactions

Bitcoin: Advanced Level Transactions is an advanced level course designed for business professionals dealing with the trading side of Bitcoin. In this course, you will be able to understand what a Bitcoin transaction is and its main components, how to organize transactions, and how to record a transaction in the Blockchain.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Training Program

In less than 9 hours, the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Bootcamp learned what Bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain, smart contract, DApps, tokens, and their applications in business and in person are. Then it shows how to buy cryptocurrency and apply a digital signature to it, similarly, the differences between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, wallet and address.

Crypto Condensedâ„¢: The Complete Guide to Bitcoin (2022)

Crypto Condensedâ„¢: The Complete Guide to Bitcoin (2022) teaches you how Bitcoin functions as a global currency including all the theories behind it and their practical application. In this course, you will learn about cryptography, bitcoin mining, bitcoin marketing, and how bitcoin transactions work. Likewise, you will see business applications as well as personal applications of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin University: Build and Grow Your Wealth with Bitcoin

Bitcoin University: Build and grow your fortune with Bitcoin to teach you the origin and basics of Bitcoin and the blockchain and how they work. It discusses in detail how it is evaluated, and the mechanisms of its exchange. In addition, you will learn what you need to know before investing in Bitcoin and the strategies involved in trading it.

Certified Bitcoin Professional: Pass the Certification Exam

The Certified Bitcoin Professional is a preparation course for the Bitcoin Professional Exam. Starting with the concept of ledger-based money and economics, you will learn the basics of cryptography, basics of Bitcoin, mining, wallets, clients, key management, and Bitcoin trading. The course contains two hours of lectures and 75 questions in the preparatory test.

Introduction to Bitcoin Origins and Crypto

In an hour and a half, Introduction to Bitcoin & Crypto Assets from Blockchain and Bitcoin Assets takes you to describe concepts and terms related to them. It explains what DeFi or (Decentralized Finance) is and its impact on traditional financial institutions. Likewise, it sheds light on why banks are dealing with the new digital currency and what has changed during the pandemic.

Get started and secure your Bitcoin fortune: join the revolution

In this intensive course Start and Secure Your Bitcoin Fortune: Join the Revolution, you will learn how to get started with Bitcoin and understand how it works as well as buying your Bitcoin. Likewise, you will learn the different types of wallets and how to choose between them with our safety and security strategy lessons.

The Complete Guide to Getting Started with Bitcoin Mining in the AWS Cloud

The Complete Guide to Getting Started with Bitcoin Mining in the AWS Cloud teaches you how to perform cloud mining with AWS (Amazon Web Services) to earn cryptocurrency. You will also learn the basics of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, creating your own Bitcoin wallet, the differences and similarities of mining and cloud mining, AmazonWeb services and their pricing.

Blockchain Basics and Bitcoin Basics Course

Updated for 2022 The Blockchain Fundamentals and Bitcoin Fundamentals course begins by answering a question about what are blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, smart contracts, and digital tokens. He goes on to explain the difference between blockchain and Bitcoin and their importance. Furthermore, you will learn about the concepts and vocabulary of bitcoin in business.

Bitcoin has enjoyed a 3-digit, 5-digit year of growth since its inception. By November 2021, the total value of bitcoin in circulation was above $1.03 trillion, according to Coinmarketcap. All these courses mentioned are self-paced. On top of that, they give a Certificate of Completion and lifetime access to all educational materials and videos, with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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