Survey reveals that Android users do it better than iPhone users

As Jerry said in the company blog, “It is no secret that many iPhone fans look down on fellow humans with Android. Many iPhone users, who are younger and earn more money, don’t want to date Android users, and some say they won’t Messages to someone who doesn’t have an iPhone.”

Life insurance comparison company Jerry says its surveys reveal that Android users are better drivers than iPhone users

Jerry says Android users are “more open, honest, and humble — and less concerned with luxuries and social status.” Jerry’s survey concluded that Android users are also better drivers than iPhone users. The company analyzed the driving behavior of 20,000 drivers who combined more than 13 million kilometers (1.61 miles per kilometer) of driving. Results? Android users behind the wheel are much better than Android users.

Android users scored higher and safer driving scores than iPhone users in every category, including overall safe driving, speed, distraction, cornering, braking, and acceleration. The biggest margin was in the distraction category meaning it was easier for Android users to keep their hands off their phones while driving. This doesn’t sound like a ringing endorsement for Android phone manufacturers.

Can you imagine an Android phone manufacturer touting their phone as the best because users don’t like dealing with it when they have nothing to do? We also don’t, which is why you might not see either Apple or Google putting much promotion in this story.

Metrics that are usually good at predicting safe driving outcomes such as age, gender, marital status, education and credit rating, all were in favor of Android users. The highest scores went to seniors who are married, homeowners, live in the Midwest, have a bachelor’s degree or higher degrees, and higher credit ratings. This was also the case for Android and iOS users separately.

watch out! There may be an iPhone user driving behind you

Doctorates usually get the highest scores in leadership, followed by master’s and bachelor’s degrees. However, Android users who didn’t graduate from high school outperformed iPhone users with PhD, master’s, and bachelor’s degrees. Android users in the lowest credit rating category performed better than iPhone users in the highest credit rating category. And while you might think maturity is a great predictor of results, Android users in all age groups outperform iPhone users in all of those categories.

And if the results weren’t surprising enough, there are twice as many iPhone users as Android users in the data set. According to Jerry, “This means that when we say, for example, that homeowners outperformed non-homeowners overall, while Android homeowners outperformed iPhone homeowners, these underlying results were not due to the sheer number of home users Android high performers determine overall scores.

So when we tell you to be careful while driving, we tell you that there may be an iPhone user driving right behind you!
Jerry has given us some great material to include in this story such as the accompanying infographics. Jerry (which used to be known as is available to install on your iPhone by clicking this link. Since you are an iPhone user, please wait until you are not driving to install the Jerry app. You don’t want this impulse thing to be any harder on you than it really is.

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