Studio 666

Studio Review 666 (2022) – Cult Horror Movies

Studio 666 (2022)
Directed by: PJ McDonnell
Written by: Dave Grohl, Jeff Poehler, Rebecca Hughes
Casting: Chris Shefflet, Dave Grohl, Jeff Garlin, Gina Ortega, Jimmy Simpson, Leslie Grossman, Nate Mendel, Pat Samir, Rami Jaffe, Taylor Hawkins, Whitney Cummings

Studio 666 (2022)
Directed by PJ McDonnell

For their tenth album, frontman Dave Grohl decided that the Foo Fighters should record in a different location, and with the help of the head of their record company, they discovered the perfect property in Encino, California, where they could do so. Little do they know that, decades ago, a rock band met their horrific end indoors.

With Dave falling in love with the property’s acoustics, they began working on their new tracks. Unfortunately, no matter how great the house sounds, Dave feels uninspired by the licks it creates until he discovers a mysterious and incomplete recording in the basement of the property, recorded by a band called Dream Widow. With renewed strength and inspiration, he brought the band together to crush the greatest song the world had yet to hear.

With song playing time constantly increasing, Def’s obsession with recording music, regardless of the time of day, is causing his bandmates to become increasingly concerned about his well-being, particularly his mental state. Feeling that something is not right and as bodies start piling up on possessions, they realize they may have to pay for this new album with their lives.

Following in the footsteps of Kiss, who starred in their own movie kiss meets garden ghostFoo Fighters have decided to expand their ever-growing reach by hitting the screens of horror fans around the world studio 666.

Perhaps the movie is just a way for striker Dave Grohl to pedal his heavy metal sound in the form of Dream Widow, which he later released as an album after the theatrical release of studio 666. So is the movie just a promotional tool for the Foo Fighters, who are usually famous for midstream mainstream rock, or are there some merits to the movie?

Well, Lon surprised me because I found studio 666 Fun slice of horror fun! From the start, Grohl and the gang have shown that they are there to have fun and not take themselves too seriously, as the band members are happy to joke around and take the mic off each other. There’s a splash of humor down the toilet and knobby jokes in between, one of which made me laugh out loud, but there’s also some good, real laughs provided in the form of how prima donnaci teams can be. Slayer guitarist Kerry King appears as a route for the Foo Fighters who direct Grohl to move the snare drum an inch or so, in some cases, centimeters, so he can find the perfect spot to hit the right sound. It’s a dull moment for King’s Krug, while Grohl fills it in as his alternate self-obsessed with perfect sound must meet with sheer precision.

Kerry King isn’t the only famous face you might notice in the movie. Horror fans will be thrilled to see master of horror, John Carpenter, help Voss pick up their voice as the property’s recording engineer. He has some scenes and speaking parts as part of his minor role, but luckily he’s completely free of the band by the time things really turn south.

The movie itself is utterly bittersweet as FO drummer Taylor Hawkins died during its stage show. Although it’s hard not to feel a bit sad, Hawkins seems to have had a ball making for the movie and often brings a lot of humor into the scenes.

While watching the movie with my horror glasses on, I was surprised by how bloody it was studio 666 It can be sometimes. A great example is during the opening when a band member, played by Scream 2022 member Gina Ortega, sees a hammer up close. Although weak during the middle, violence escalates in the final third of the movie with some pretty sinister scenes if blood and blood is your thing. Intertwined with Spots is a neat little story that, while not new, is enough to keep even the least of horror enthusiasts interested and which will surely be a boon for Foo Fighters fans of all backgrounds.

studio 666 It exceeded my expectations for a movie about a rock band, and while it will likely fade into memory, it has the charm and attitude to entertain.

evaluation: ★★★★★★½☆☆☆

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