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Decentralized Finance (DeFi) It represents the financial world of tomorrow based on the blockchain. Future generations will leave the traditional financial system behind and will use dApps, tokens, and other digital innovations for economic purposes.

However, DeFi is still in its infancy, leaving room for fraud, money laundering, and other criminal activities. Without secure educational solutions and services, DeFi could become more of a risky project than a rich opportunity for individuals and businesses.

This is where STACKD Finance steps in, to help develop DeFi into a safer, more transparent and sustainable economic environment. Read on to discover its insights, facilities, and services!

What is Stacked Finance?

Stacked Finance It is a project that seeks to take the DeFi industry to a new level. The cryptocurrency ecosystem aims to provide the ultimate standard of trust and security by offering various services to tokens and individuals and by helping to bridge fiat and DeFi. In this way, STACKD can make DeFi more secure for individuals and new ventures in the cryptocurrency, DeFi and blockchain-based economy.

The STACKD organization is made up of high-level executives, team members, and business consultants who have been successfully passed Know your customer with InterFi. STACKD is built on a four-pillar philosophy, using honesty, integrity, community, and collaboration to reshape DeFi into a more secure, sustainable, and productive environment.

The project provides educational opportunities, advanced facilities, and tools to support users in growing the wealth of generations through cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance. STACKD Finance also provides services to help tokens and individuals navigate the DeFi space in a more secure manner than was previously possible.

Stacked Finance will feature an ownership deflation symbol to ensure project security and continuity. The sale and purchase of the token will include a 20% tax, and a 15% redistribution of it as BUSD rewards to token holders. This means that 75% of the total tax will go back to the STACKD community. The rest of the tax will be allocated to marketing, bonuses, buybacks + burns, team tokens and cash.

STACKD will not limit wallet holdings, or buy limits. They will not charge a transfer tax.
However, they will protect small business owners by setting a maximum sale of 0.2% per transaction.

TADAKEF Finance will have a broad roadmap that includes ambitious milestones for the next two years and beyond. For example, the project aims to launch its token, list it on cryptocurrency exchanges, and develop several facilities within the DeFi ecosystem.
Furthermore, STACKED intends to expand its team, create a charitable fund allocation, and join the Metaverse by the second quarter of 2023.

Stacked Financial Services

It is impossible to set a new example of DeFi excellence without innovative tools and utilities. Here are some STACKD financial services that will help them reach this goal.

STACKD AVS – Advanced Verification Services

“know your customer” means “know your customer” and it is a validation level suitable for business customers. The team at STACKD Finance believes that the existing KYC operations used in DeFi are insufficient to verify the identity of the people who lead crypto tokens and multi-million dollar projects, and who control the finances of their investors.

AVS aims to set a new standard for identity verification in cryptocurrency for individuals and projects. STACKD AVS will verify a person’s identity to standards much higher than the typical KYC process, and advanced STACKD AVS Gold will verify not only a person’s identity, but additional checks to verify that they are a fit and proper person running a crypto project.

STACKD AVS Platinum is for tokens and crypto projects, and will verify the identity and suitability of the team leaders, as well as conduct an independent evaluation of the project as a whole, providing potential investors with added peace of mind that the project has been vetted by a trusted third party.

In the event that an individual/project obtains an AVS certification and subsequently engages in a “rug pull” or “scam”, STACKD Finance will proactively provide the individual’s details to the authorities in the relevant location and will fully cooperate with any criminal proceedings initiated against the relevant individual/project.


This service is helping other token-based projects grow their businesses, using the STACKD vision and philosophy and aiming to make DeFi more secure for everyone. STACKD’s Chief Legal Officer, Rach, will lead the Legal and Compliance division and provide services to the tokens throughout their development.

This division will work alongside the AVS division to ensure clients have full service facilities and help their projects grow securely. For example, projects can apply to:

  • Advice on legislative requirements in a jurisdiction
  • Project management for the establishment and registration of crypto companies
  • Advice on how to start a token business
  • Advice on privacy issues
  • Help comply with privacy legislation and store investor data
  • Drafting the terms, conditions and privacy policies of the site
  • Risk mitigation tips
  • Drafting and advising on contracts and arrangements (including partnership agreements and other contracts)

The STACKD team is currently developing various compliance tools and additional compliance services as per their vision.

STACKD Finance will provide its legal and compliance services for all coins and tokens. In this way, they will be prepared for the impending regulation in the cryptocurrency space.

last thoughts

STACKD Finance is one of the latest projects to emerge in DeFi with a uniquely positive approach to this environment. Its transparent philosophy and practical services will help and inspire other projects to build a safer financial ecosystem for everyone within DeFi. While the project is still in its development stages, it is only a week away from its launch and has already announced several partnerships, AVS services, legal and compliance services.

STACKD has built a huge organic community that loves to receive information that STACKD constantly releases about its services, tools, partnerships, and facilities. We will follow its development closely and see how quickly STACKD will reach the many goals in its comprehensive roadmap.

In the meantime, for more information on STACKD Finance, please follow the links below:

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