Here is what to expect from Apple in 2022

Here’s what to expect from Apple in the second half of 2022

It’s already been a busy year for Apple. The Cupertino giant introduced Mac Studio and Studio Display at its spring event. It also released the iPhone SE 3 as well as the iPad Air 5. With Apple’s renewed focus on its Mac lineup and the fact that the new iPhone 14 is slated to launch in September, the tech giant is likely to release more products throughout the year. Although we can’t say which one, several high-profile products are on our way in 2022.

Here are some of those products Apple could offer in the second half of the year.

Redesigned MacBook Air

The MacBook Air 2020 is pictured here. (illustrative image, image file)

The MacBook Air, which debuted in late 2020, was a significant shift in Apple’s Mac lineup. Although its design remained unchanged, the idea was to demonstrate the capabilities of the M1 silicon debut. But it’s time for Apple to show off the next generation MacBook Air with a complete redesign as well as a performance boost. If the rumors are to be believed, the next MacBook Air will have a uniform appearance, similar to the 16-inch MacBook Pro. It could come with thinner white bezels and will be available in multiple colors, just like the M1 iMac. The MacBook Air 2022 may be upgraded to a new Apple M2 chip, which will replace the existing M1 chipset. There are also rumors that the next MacBook Air could come with a small LED display as well as a serrated display. Mark Gorman from Bloomberg, in his book employmentThe newsletter mentioned that the upcoming MacBook Air won’t be released until late this year, which means it will likely launch in September.

Mac Pro

The current Apple Mac Pro based on Intel is pictured here. (illustrative image, image file)

Apple barely catches up on the new products before its launch, but in a rare move, the company recently confirmed that a new Mac Pro is on the way. During a special event in March. “That leaves only one product to work: the Mac Pro, but that’s for another day,” said Apple Vice President John Ternus. By all indications, Apple will release a new Mac Pro sometime this year featuring Apple silicon and the high-end desktop computer likely to use a variety of the M1 Ultra chip shipped by Mac Studio. according to Bloomberg report, The new Mac Pro could be about half the size of the current Mac Pro in terms of design. With the launch of the next generation of Mac Pro, the transition from Intel to Apple Silicon will be complete. The upcoming Mac Pro will target professional users, including graphic designers, animators and content creators.

Refurbished iPad Pro

The iPad Pro 2021 based on the M1 is photographed here. (illustrative image, image file)

Apple has been consistent in launching the new iPad Pro specifically targeting professional users, so there is a possibility that the same will happen in 2022. However, the question is whether the company will only update the iPad Pro with enhanced hardware or is there plans to modify the program as well. Bloomberg Mark Gurman claims that Apple is releasing a new iPad Pro with a glass back. This means that the iPad will support wireless charging for the first time, as well as reverse wireless charging. We won’t know for sure until Apple makes an announcement. But if Apple releases a new iPad Pro, we’d love to see major design changes. Expect the next iPad Pro to be available in 12.9-inch and 11-inch sizes. The next generation M2 chip can power the iPad Pro. Devices like the iPad Pro may be aimed at professional users but are very important from a strategic point of view.

iPhone 14 without a notch

The iPhone 13 is pictured here with the phone’s signature notch. (illustrative image, image file)

While the iPhone 13 lineup is still holding up well, it’s time for Apple to preview what’s coming next in 2022. The company is widely expected to introduce four iPhone 14 models in 2022, although the company will be dropping the ‘mini’ variant due to lackluster sales. All four models will feature a hole punch instead of a notch, major camera changes, a new chassis design, satellite connectivity, and a few other changes. All eyes will be on the iPhone 14 Max, a 6.7-inch device that will replace the iPhone 14 mini but will cost less than $900. This is the model that will get the most attention at the launch event later this year.

Apple Watch Series 8

The Apple Watch Series 7 is pictured here. (illustrative image, image file)

If Apple maintains its current style, we could see a new Apple Watch model that we hope will remedy the shortcomings of last year’s model. There aren’t many rumors about the Series 8 yet, apart from a prediction from Ming-Chi Kuo that the next model will likely have the ability to measure body temperature. We also expect Apple to add a larger battery inside the Series 8. Also, maybe the time will come when Apple will make the Apple Watch completely independent of the iPhone. We also expect a new processor, some design improvements and software improvements that will help the Apple Watch become an integral part of a user’s life.

AirPods Pro 2

The original Airpods Pro are pictured here. (illustrative image, image file)

Apple is also said to be working on the second generation of AirPods Pro. These earbuds are expected to have health and fitness tracking technologies, as well as an all-new design. Bloomberg It mentioned that the next generation AirPods Pro will have a “more compact” design that removes the stem that protrudes the stream from the bottom of the AirPods Pro, similar to the shape of the Amazon Echo Buds. However, AirPods Pro 2 will still include features like active noise cancellation, the H1 chip, and a transparency mode.

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