Google releases Android 12 QPR Beta 3; Update fixes major camera bug

Google released Android 12 QPR Beta 3 this afternoon. This is the third beta of the upcoming June quarterly release to drop features on compatible Pixel devices. It features the May security patch received on Monday by all other compatible Pixel models receiving the stable and public Android update.

Besides the security patch, the beta also eliminates a bug that makes a white line appear on Pixel 6 Pro models that are not set up to always display the time and other information on the lock screen. The trial version also gets rid of issues that reduce the quality of phone calls and limit connectivity. It also eliminates a bug that causes the NHS COVID-19 app to crash upon launch.

Will Pixel 6 Pro get face unlock in the next quarterly Drop feature?

Issues that remain open include an issue that causes the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro to crash when trying to take a photo with either model. And in some cases, the Google Camera app in the device profile will display a work profile indicator. There is still speculation that The Pixel 6 Pro will have face unlock photo recognition which was added with the June quarterly feature drop even if it didn’t appear in beta.

Get the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro

Today’s beta will be the last one before the June Pixel Quarterly Feature Drop on June 6. Also, keep in mind that if you plan to install Android 12 QPR Beta 3, you will not be able to install Android 13 Beta 1 on your phone and you will have to wait for Android 13 Beta 2.

If you want to install Android 12 QPR Beta 3 on your compatible Pixel phone, tap This link will take you to the Android Beta program. Click the sign that says “View your eligible devices” and you’ll see a picture of your Pixel device with the words “Opt-In” at the bottom. Within 24 hours you will receive an OTA update that includes the QPR Beta. Like Google says, “Once registered, your device will receive over-the-air (OTA) updates to the latest Android 12 versions through (including) the final QPR release.

As with every beta program, Android 12 QPR Beta 3 is not stable and some features will not work as you expected. You may also see a temporary decrease in battery life. If you use a Pixel phone as a daily driver, keep that in mind when it comes to deciding whether or not to install the beta. It may be wise to back up all your data before you begin the update process.

Beta testers still have to scan their pixels to get out of the Beta

This is because if you decide to exit the beta program, you may have to wipe your phone before returning to the stable path. Google said it would change things but it hasn’t yet. To leave the beta program, go back to the . File Android beta program. Once again, click on the banner that says “Show your eligible devices”. You’ll see a picture of your Pixel model with the words “Unsubscribe” below it. Click on it and within 24 hours you will receive an update to install.
This update will bring you back to the stable path but not before it does a factory reset and wipes your phone. For this writer, the two worst words to say in a row in the English language are factory settings. Ultimately, and Google hasn’t said when, it will let beta testers off the hook and let them off without having to wipe their phones.

In case you were wondering, QPR stands for Quarterly Platform Release which is another way of saying quarterly feature drop. If you are looking forward to adding face unlock to your Pixel 6 Pro, let us see you raise your hand in the comments section below.

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