Climbing the Bitcoin Ladder to Financial Freedom

We’re going up a ladder together today. Perhaps one of the most important stairs you will climb: the ladder of financial sovereignty. Until last year when I started learning about Bitcoin, I didn’t know such a ladder actually existed and I guess you didn’t either. What this ladder symbolizes is one of the most important human freedoms available to us in the twenty-first century.

This peace is more needed in war-torn regions of the world such as Syria or Afghanistan. [Hat tip to Alex Gladstein for his amazing articles that highlight the financial repression found in some of these regions.] This peace is needed in regions of the world where the nation’s currency is rapidly losing value and where financial repression is spiraling out of control. This peace is required by those who do not trust their government to act in their best interest. This ladder is for people who do not trust central bankers to act in their best interests. This ladder is intended for people who are ready to accept 100% responsibility for their finances. For these reasons, this usually ends up being a relatively small number of people expressed as a percentage of the population. This ladder is available to all of them, but few will choose to climb all the way to the top.

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