Woman’s TV ownership turns out to be a nightmare as she miscalculated windows while renovating Wells’ house herself

A woman had an absolute nightmare renovating a house when she miscalculated the windows.

Care worker Natasha Walker has been assigned a semi-detached promotion in Wrexham as part of Channel 4’s new ownership program The Great House Giveaway. The show sees two strangers who have never owned a home buy property at auction – with a set budget to convert it into a liveable home to be resold in just six months. If the couple is successful, any profit made will be split – if the house is not returned to auction.

The show hosted by Simon Davies saw strangers Natasha and Gwion pair up together in the fourth episode of series three, but after just three weeks of renovations, Gwion’s electrician quit the project leaving 23-year-old Natasha to go on her own.

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The episode focused on Wrexham – where Natasha said the housing market is particularly tough for first-time buyers.

Simon said the average home price is around £160,000 in the area now famous for Wrexham Football Club – owned by Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.

After leaving home at the age of 16, Natasha has rented for a while but now lives on her partner’s family farm in North Wales. She said: “The average home price in this area is between £300,000 and £350,000, we don’t have the budget to buy anything here but if I come out with a deposit I will definitely invest it in a property in the area.”

Natasha’s renovation partner, Guyun, pulled out of the project just three weeks after Natasha left to navigate the renovation work alone.

The episode saw Simon end up buying a two-bed balcony house in Chirk. He then budgeted £15,000 to renovate the property in just six months. Although the property appears to be stuck in the 1970s, Simon insisted it had “potential bags”.

To maximize profit, host Simon suggested dividing the large bedroom upstairs to create a bathroom and bedroom and converting the existing bathroom into a bedroom. The windows were single and needed updating. However, Natasha made a hash for this task – and out of five windows I only managed to scale one correctly. However, not everything was lost armed with the spacers and the problem with the windows was finally fixed.

The end result is a modern home now complete with three good sized bedrooms and an upstairs bathroom plus new electrical appliances and an updated gas boiler. Although it’s worth noting that Natasha still went over budget by more than £2,000 – the total cost came to £17,779.

Despite the unfortunate incident, Natasha said she’s okay with the extra costs – saying that rewiring the house and properly connecting the house to the gas piping should be done right.

Natasha, whose TV partner Gwion quit the project for three weeks, said she also feels proud of the final product. She smiled, “At first I was really worried because I came into this with no business skills. It’s very daunting.” When asked how she found the experience, the 23-year-old added, “Tough. I naively thought this would be fun. If I knew what I know now, I don’t think I would have benefited from it.”

The end result was good – an offer of £170,000 for the house was accepted – giving her a good £13,206 which she could invest in her home. “Home prices in this area have felt out of reach for a long time but adding this to what we have has brought it back to us and it would be very good to start looking for ourselves now,” she said.

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