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Item Not Found (0x80070490), Windows Copy Error

Windows provides a built-in backup and restore feature, which is very useful and you set up a once-and-forget-it feature. However, if you open it, and find that a backup (which was previously available) is not available, try disabling it. You may receive an error message because the item does not exist. (0x80070490). The full error message says –

Windows could not disable the automatic backup job for the following reason: The item does not exist. (0x80070490). Try again.

In this post, we are going to suggest some methods that will help you fix the problem.

Why does this error occur?

One of the reported issues or causes was when the user performed a Spybot scan or malware scan, after which the backup stopped working. It is possible that the malware-infected part of the registry was related to the backup restore feature, and it was deleted during the malware removal procedure. It is possible that someone ran a cleaner, which might have removed the required files by mistake.

Item Not Found (0x80070490), Windows Copy Error

Follow these suggestions to fix the problem. You will need administrator permission to implement these.

  1. Check status of VSS and SPP services
  2. Run DISM Tool
  3. Operating System Restore
  4. Reschedule Windows Backup

While you can clean up and start the backup process, let’s try the other fixes first.

1]Check the status of VSS and SPP services

VSS SPP shadow copy error logs 0x81000019

He writes services.msc at the Run prompt and press the Enter key.

In the Services Manager, locate Volume backup service And Software protection service.

Double click to open each one, and make sure their startup state is set as follows:

  • Volume Backup Service – Manual
  • Software Protection Service – Automatic (Delayed Start)

Next, click on the Start button to start these services manually, if you haven’t already. Now play the file Backup and Restore function and see.

2]Run SFC & DISM

The System File Checker and DISM tool can repair any corrupted system file by replacing it with a new one. If any reliable file is corrupt and needed by Windows Backup Restore, both can help. Check out our detailed guide on using System File Checker and DISM Tool before running the tool.

3]Run System Restore

Every time you install an important update or install a program, Windows or that program creates a system restore point. If you have at least one point, you can restore the computer to working condition.

Select Windows Recovery System

  • Type system restore in Windows Search (Win + S)
  • Click Recover from search result
  • Click Open System Restore and then the Next button
  • Select one of the restore points where the backup was working as expected
  • Then hit the Next button, and follow the wizard.
  • post this; The computer will restart.

Once you’re back in your account, check if the item not found (0x80070490) has been fixed.

4]Reschedule Windows Backup

Select New Drive Backup Windows

I hope the post was easy to follow, and I was able to fix a file Windows could not disable the automatic backup task, item not found (0x80070490) Error.

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Are File History and Windows Backup the same?

No, they are different. While File History only keeps file versions or changes, Windows Backup creates a system image. The former can replace files, but the latter can restore an entire operating system with files. So it is useful if your computer crashes or you cannot boot into the operating system.

Does Windows Offer Cloud Backup?

no. While Windows settings are synced across the PC to the same accounts, there’s no way to back up everything to the cloud. However, you can use a combination of File History and OneDrive to back up your files. However, there is no way to back up the entire image.

Item not found (0x80070490)

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