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Google I/O 2022 preview: What to expect from Android 13 to Pixel 6a

If you have a keen interest in technology, you’ve likely heard that an event called Google I/O is coming in May. If you’re new to the I/O conference, we’re here to explain when it’s due and what it’s all about.

For seasoned I/O followers, our guide details all the key details of the conference, which again works a little differently due to the pandemic. Read on for everything you need to know, including I/O 2022 dates and a full preview of what to expect, from the Pixel 6a and Pixel Watch to Android 13 and more.

When is the Google I/O conference? 2022 dates and format

Google I/O 2022 will take place from May 11-12 at the Shoreline Coliseum in Mountain View, California where the company is based. For global audiences, this is the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California. The keynote keynote will be held on Wednesday, May 11th at 10:00 AM PT i.e. 1 PM EST and 6 PM GMT UK.

Shoreline has a capacity of 22,500, consisting of 6,500 reserved seats and 16,000 public entry spaces in the park. Obviously, this year’s I/O conference won’t be full anywhere due to ongoing Covid concerns in California, with in-person attendance mostly limited to essential company employees. More on that below.

What is Google I/O?

Google I/O is the annual developer conference for tech superpowers. When most people talk about I/O, what they’re actually talking about is the opening word on the first day of the event. This is where Google usually highlights the latest major software updates for platforms like Android and – sometimes – has new hardware to show for it too.

After that, the base notes and subsequent workshops tend to be more technically focused and less concerned with non-developers. Does “Building Event-Driven Synchronization with Eventarc and Workflows” tickle your imagination? Then you’ll love every I/O 2022. If I make you go “WTF?!” This is probably the keyword you want to set it for.

Of course, Stuff will be covering all the major announcements from I/O 2022 Live, so for the latest headlines, reveal and analysis, you can also stay with us.

Before the pandemic, the Google I/O major opening was an in-person group event, but it’s been more restrictive in the past two years, in part due to the online-only coordination that Covid has imposed. This year, I/O 2022 remains a largely digital event, with a handful of employees and partners attending the Shoreline Runway in person for keynote speeches.

This means we probably won’t get any of the brow-raising stunts that I/O used to be known for in years past. But in addition to health and safety, the benefit of the format is that it means anyone can watch Google I/O live over the Internet. There are some basic software requirements, but most people will likely meet them without even realizing it. Scroll down to our Google I/O Live Streaming Guide below for full details.

Everything to expect at Google I/O 2022

Alleged Google Pixel watch, as shared by Reddit user tag

Google I/O 2022 is expected to pack a lot of new product announcements — guaranteed by the software in the form of the latest Android updates, and most likely at least one piece of new hardware to showcase its powers. Here’s the mail

Android 13

The only dead certification for I/O 2022 is that we’ll get our first proper look at Google’s latest mobile version, Android 13. Google has officially stopped naming its mobile operating system after sorts of delicious with Android 9 Pie, but internally Android 13 It’s rumored to be called Tiramisu – one of Stuff’s favorites, for what it’s worth. What’s likely to come out at Google I/O this year is Android 13 Beta 2, which is historically more important than Beta 1, which often lacks some of the update’s major new features.

However, don’t expect Android 13’s change to be as big as Android 12. Understandably, Android 13 will consist mostly of feature updates rather than an overhaul — still exciting, but perhaps slightly less than last year’s design overhaul.

Pixel 6 A

Of the various possibilities for new Google devices at I/O 2022, the Pixel 6a is the most likely and the most logical. Google has a long history of delivering affordable “Series A” warnings to its flagship smartphones — this year, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro — and before Covid, the first was in May 2019 at that year’s I/O. In addition, the Pixel 6a recently passed the FCC in America, which strongly indicates an imminent launch.

pixel clock

Another candidate for the all-new Google gadget at I/O 2022 is the much-rumored Pixel Watch. Big G has been said to be working on an indoor smartwatch since back inside

Another possibility is that Google will reveal the Pixel 6a and impress us with the Pixel Watch, providing its full reveal later in the year — likely this fall, when it could launch alongside the new flagship Pixel 7.

Updates to Chrome OS, Google Home, and more

Plus, the full I/O 2022 timeline reveals that most of Google’s programs will receive an important update this year — the biggest of which will be highlighted at its annual conference. Named specifically are Chrome OS, Google Home, Google Pay, and Google tools for augmented reality, so whatever Google device you own, it’s likely to be a lot more exciting while the I/O is done and dusted off.

Google I/O Live Streaming: How to Watch Google I/O 2022 Online

Image credit: Google

Google has promised that anyone will watch the opening keynote for I/O 2022 live online, saying it will make I/O 2022 live broadcast “totally free and open to all by default”.

This will likely be available on Google’s YouTube channel and almost certainly also on the official Google I/O site, where developers can sign up for an account to stream sessions and key ideas from the entire conference.

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