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Samsung’s next generation flash storage specification has been announced, with UFS 3.1 now the second best new UFS 4.0 flash storage from the company.

What is UFS 4.0?

  • As with any new chipset optimization, UFS 4.0 has the usual claims of being faster, more efficient, smaller, etc.
  • Of course, that’s what Samsung said about UFS 3.1 as well, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth caring about.
  • Version 4.0 as written by my colleague Matt Milano: “…provides speeds of up to 23.2Gbps per lane, doubling what UFS 3.1 can deliver. Samsung says its throughput makes UFS 4.0 ideal for 5G smartphones, given the large amount of data 5G phones can download. It will help. The new memory also supports the data requirements of augmented and virtual reality applications.”
  • Efficiency wise: “Power efficiency is another advantage of the new architecture, with sequential read speeds coming in at 6.0MB/s per milliampere (mAh). According to Samsung, this is 46% more efficient than 3.1, which means users will see an improvement in lifespan. Battery though for faster performance.”
  • And when will we get it? “Samsung says it will start mass production in the third quarter of 2022, which means UFS 4.0 could appear in phones as soon as late 2022 or early 2023.”
  • Samsung considers this a huge upgrade for 5G phones because 5G data speeds are one of the few times people regularly need the speed, and UFS 4.0 has a “sequential read speed of up to 4200MB/s and a sequential write speed of up to 2800MB/s” Gigabytes per second.

What does this really mean?

  • It’s all well and good, but there are a few pieces to look into here.
  • The first is that we will almost certainly see UFS 4.0 in part of the Galaxy S23 series next year, although perhaps it will make the next Samsung foldable devices?
  • I bet we’ll have to wait until the S23, so it may be a while before we see how that improves speed in any measurable way, or battery life, perhaps just as important.
  • The second is that cheap Android phones (under $200) don’t even use UFS. Most of them are stuck using eMMC, which is outdated and therefore cheaper when used in budget phones. But eMMC is a real bottleneck for smartphone use – our article on different flash memory has a metaphor that you should think of UFS as a multi-lane highway and eMMC as a one-way road. (UFS 4.0 would probably be more like a two-way multi-lane Autobahn, the no-speed section that still exists today.)
  • The last point is that UFS 4.0 may not apply to iPhones.
  • Apple has stuck with using NVMe and not UFS for its storage interface, and there are interesting/complex reasons for that.
  • It boils down to being not about top speed, but control, and Anand Tech Take a closer look at what Apple seems to be adapting its MacBook NVMe controller to the iPhone back in the iPhone 6S days.
  • Anyway: I hope this means that older UFS technology can get cheaper, and give value phones a bit more speed. We’ll see if it matters upwards, in due course.


👉 Samsung UFS 4.0 Flash Storage Announced: Pretty Big Upgrade, Especially For 5G Phones If You Work Hard On Data (Android Authority).

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So, first of all, Xbox has released two new colors for the Xbox Series X/S console.

  • The first, available everywhere, is a cheerful new color called Deep Pink, which is a really hot pink and features a pink paint on the usual Xbox console, with some white accents on the back and black buttons with a pink streak.
  • I mean it’s fine, it looks good.
  • But the real magic is a special tartan console, made in partnership with famous Scottish tartan / kilt designers, textile mills, etc.:
Xbox Tartan
  • And just to be clear, it’s real texture on the console, not a print! This is probably the kind of thing you don’t want your tiny little hands to be wearing, more than a designer piece.
  • Anyway, your only chance to get one was to be in the UK and win one from Microsoft, so…we lost everything.


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